Thursday, December 27, 2007

Thinking about next year, status check

After spending a couple of weeks researching and reviewing various programs, I thought I would take a moment to revisit my progress so far determining what curriculum to purchase for Jessie next year. I'll mark with an asterisk those that I hope to purchase used.

  1. Singapore Primary Math 4A Textbook ($7.95)*
  2. Singapore Primary Math 4A Workbook ($7.95)*
  3. Singapore Primary Math 4A Intensive Practice ($7.95)
  4. Singapore Primary Math 4B Textbook ($7.95)*
  5. Singapore Primary Math 4B Workbook ($7.95)*
  6. Singapore Primary Math 4B Intensive Practice ($7.95)
  7. Singapore Primary Math 4 Challenging Word Problems ($7.50)
Total cost for math: $55.20

Language Arts:
  1. Spelling Workout F ($15.50)
  2. Spelling Workout G ($15.50)
  1. Rod and Staff, Building with Diligence ($14.90)*
  1. Finish Aesop with Core manual only ($0.00)
  2. Begin Homer with Core manual only ($34.95)*
Switching to dictation with current stock of writing paper ($0.00)

Literature / Reading:
  1. Library books ($0.00)
  2. Literature guides, Teaching the Classics, DITHOR ??? (to be determined)

Total cost for Language Arts for now: $80.85

  1. Latin for Children Primer A ($21.95)
  2. LfC A DVDs ($54.00)
  3. LfC A Activity Book ($16.95)
  4. LfC A History Reader ($9.75) optional

Total cost for Latin: ($92.90 w/o history, $102.65 w/ history)

  1. TruthQuest American History for Young Students 2 ($28.95)*
  2. TruthQuest American History for Young Students 3 ($28.95)*
Total cost for history: $57.90

Science (still to be determined)

Art (still to be determined)

Music (still to be planned)

To be made using library resources ($0.00)

Total cost so far: $341.35 not including the Critical Thinking books I haven't even thought about yet.

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