Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Cleaning Up from Christmas

As much as I love Christmas, the first thought that usually comes to mind the day after Christmas is: "Now where as I supposed to put all of this stuff?" So in an effort to get my house reorganized before we start school again next week, I thought that I would start with a to do list.
  1. Purchase wrapping paper, bows, ribbons, and cards for next year
  2. Pack away wrapping supplies, empty shirt boxes, and tissue paper
  3. Clean and reorganize Jessie and Violet's room to find a place for new presents
  4. Clean and reorganize Benny's room to find a place for new presents
  5. Put away my own gifts and remind DH to put his away
  6. Take any toys / clothes removed from the kids' rooms to Salvation Army
  7. Take down and pack away Christmas tree, outside lights, and nativity set
  8. Pack away kids' nativity set, Christmas books, stockings, tree skirt, advent calendars, and Christmas cards
  9. Pull greenery off advent wreath and return plastic holder to church
  10. Remove Christmas tablecloth and replace with winter one
  11. Put up Christmas village on entertainment center for winter decoration
  12. Return DH's recliner and coffee table to their normal places
Goal: Finish by Sunday evening

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