Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Considering Latin Programs, Part 3

Latin's Not so Tough by greeknstuff

Key Facts:
6 levels available
Cost: workbooks from $12.95 to $22.95, CD for first 3 levels $8
Vocabulary: unknown
Pronunciation: classical

Thoughts based on online samples:
Level 1 and 2 would be great for someone trying to start a child into Latin early on. I think Jessie would need to start at level 3. The program does look easy and fun. It would probably be great for a child who is intimidated by Latin. I did like the looks of the translation exercises. That said, I think the pace is a bit too slow for us. There seems to be more fun but less meat to the program than others. Four years seems like a long to cover the material they have presented.

Thoughts based on reviews:
I didn't find much information about this program on the wtmboards. There is a review by Susan Wise Bauer located here that isn't very favorable.

Final thoughts:
I think I would prefer a more traditional approach to teaching Latin that would facilitate the transition to a higher level text at a later point.

Lively Latin

Key Facts:
1 level to last one year
Cost $55.00 nonrefundable to download the beta version plus color printing cost

Thoughts based on online samples:
The samples look colorful and fun. The explanation are clear and understandable. The progression seems a little bit slow to me.

Thoughts based on reviews:
There are plenty of questions regarding this program on the wtmboards. All the reviews and feedback that I have seen has been positive. Here are a couple of the more extensive reviews that I have found from the wtmboard
and Paula's archive.

Final thoughts:
My first concern about this program is that I can't really tell how much vocabulary is being learned. While the program sounds like a lot of fun, I also find the nonrefundable price to be a negative. Not only do I have to spend $55 just for a book, but then I also have printing costs on top of that. I also dislike having to use the internet during school time because of our slow connection so I'm not to thrilled with the idea of having to go online each lesson to listen to pronunciations. I think we'll have to pass on this for now, although I'll keep it in mind if we have trouble getting another program to work.

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dragons in the flower bed said...

The Lively Latin MP3 files are downloadable, so you only have to go online once. After that, they're on your computer, and you can burn them onto a CD as well.