Thursday, October 18, 2007

Number games for Benny

In the interest of expanding Benny's preschool number games beyond our current frog game, here are some new ideas I came up with or found online.

1. Dot to dot puzzles
This site has alphabet dot to dots for both uppercase and lowercase numbers and number ones starting as low as 1-3.
Number dot to dots ranging from 1-6 up to 1-19
A couple of 1-9 dot to dots here.

2. Feed the dog a bone
from Evan Moor Math Games and Centers

Basically, you make dog bowls and bones from paper, write numbers on the bowls, and then stick the appropriate number of bones in each bowl. Benny has two stuffed dogs that we can use to "eat" the bones.

3. Feed the hungry crocodile
We have a crocodile puppet that Benny loves. Variation one is to write numbers on card stock fish and have Benny feed the numbers to the crocodile in order. Variation two is to hold up a card with a number on it and have Benny feed the correct number of fish. I think we also have a gorilla puppet that we could feed bananas for even more variety.

4. Hide and Seek Frogs
Basically this will be our current frog/fly matching game, but with the twist that he has to search for the frogs which I'll hide around the room and then bring them to the lily pad with the correct number of flies.

5. Sidewalk numbers
Since our letter games have outgrown the size of our sidewalk, I thought we'd try some number games instead. After writing the numbers on the sidewalk, we can take turns running, hopping, spinning, etc. to the number that is called out. We could step on each number and do something (clap our hands, stomp our feet, bark like a dog, etc.) the number of times listed on the sidewalk.

6. Counting with our fingers
Based on Benny's discovery that he can count to five by changing the number of fingers he hold up, we'll continue doing that through 10. (He thought it was hilarious that you needed two hands to make the number 6 this week.)

7. Make a number sticker book
We could make him a little book one week with the numbers 1-10 and let him put the correct number of stickers on each page.

That should keep us busy for a while. Vacation is definitely good for the brain.


Lh said...

Very creative! Sounds great. :-)

Lh said...

Came back to inquire

Have I asked you how you got that 3 column blog template?

Would you be willing to share?

I want to redo my blog and can't find a template. Thansk!

my5wolfcubs said...

Thanks for sharing all these ideas! I will try some this coming week!

Connect the dots said...

Connect the dots puzzles are always fun!