Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Expanding math drill from flash cards

Although I find flash cards to be an effective way to teach math facts, they do get boring after a while. We have tried doing written math drill similar to the concept in CalcuLadders. So far that has proven to be completely ineffective for Violet. Given a page of 25 problems, Violet's mind seems to go completely blank to the extent that she forgets what 2+3 equals. Here are some other ideas that I have found to use for reinforcing our addition facts.

1. Bring back the Learning Wrap Up for addition. This is a great, simple way for Violet to cover her math drill. We have used the keys through +3 so far. We put it away when Violet was getting bogged down in the higher keys. I think we'll give it another try and work on the +4 and maybe +5 keys this month after vacation.

2. Addition War is similar to the regular war card game. Using the all of the cards ace through 10, all the cards our dealt between 2 players. Each player turns over 2 cards. The player with the higher sum when the cards are added gets all the cards. If the sums are equal, I think we'll turn over 3 cards saying I declare war letting the higher sum of 3 win.

3. Make 10 Pyramid is a great variation on the pyramid solitaire game I played growing up. Again using all of the cards ace through 10, deal cards out in a pyramid shape. (Row 1= 1 card, Row 2 = 2 cards, etc. to Row 6) Each row overlaps the one above it. Then looking at row 6, you remove any fully exposed cards that make 10. When you can no longer make 10, you turn over a card from the stack, and try to use it to make 10. Your score is the number of cards left over, the smaller the better.

4. Domino sorting. I haven't decided if I want to use our actual dominoes or make card stock ones with numbers. Then I'll set out styrofoam cups with the answers on them and have Violet add the numbers and sort them into the correct cup. (Maybe after a couple times, we'll try timing this and let her race against herself for a best time.)

5. Make 10 go fish. Same rules as go fish using all the cards from ace to 10. Instead of finding a matching number, you match by making 10.

6. Snap It Up! Addition / Subtraction Game available from Rainbow Resource looks like a lot of fun. I can't buy it this month so I think we'll test drive a homemade version of the game first to see how it goes over. Basically each player starts with 3 cards. When the card in the middle is turned over, each player tries to make that number by adding or subtracting the numbers in their hand.

That should be enough to get us started. If you know of or have any links to other addition games, I'd love to hear about them.

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LisaWA said...

We love wrap ups too! All of my children have used them.....

We have been palying multiplication war! It really is a great way to memorize those facts. *Ü*