Sunday, September 29, 2013

Weeks 6 & 7 Upper:

Over the past two weeks, Jessie has completed the geometry chapter on angles, it's associated review and test, and began chapter 4 on triangles.

In English, she completed a review week in vocabulary and the first chapter of the second unit. She also completed her second unit of grammar and began working with various types of phrases and clauses in unit 3. Her CW work all dealt with stasis theory where she had to determine if an act/crime had occurred, what type of crime it was, what degree of the crime was, and what procedure should be taken. She applied this to various literature selections including Cain and Abel, Agamemnon, and Eumenides. We need to pick back up with Lost World for discussion and writing this week.

In Great Books, she has completed listening through the 10th Teaching Company lecture and read through the 21st book of The Iliad.

In Spanish she spent a week covering the use of estar for location or condition with the associated vocabulary then a week of the use of ser for characteristics and identification. She also learned the position of adjectives and some basic adverbs.

In Latin Alive 2 she has now completed through chapter 22 and reviewed Latin numbers and demonstrative pronouns.

For Ancient History, she covered the remainder of the information on Egypt as well as a brief section on megalithic sites and the two associated focus questions. In History of the Ancient World she has taken notes on 6 more chapters. She also completed a map of the Hittite Empire.

She is currently 2 weeks behind in Biology after bogging down in both the organic chemistry chapter and the basic cell chapter. I'm considering making some changes but haven't settled on a solution at this point.

For her Music Appreciation credit, she wrote paragraphs on Renaissance music for church and secular events. I found several CDs at our local library, and so far she has listened to "Requiem" by Rutter and "Madrigals" by The King's Singers.

Violet has slowly worked her way through chapter 2 of Lials solving equations. Several of the sections I had her work the odds one day and the evens the next for additional practice. It wasn't that she didn't get the concepts, but the amount of careless errors was frustrating.

She continues working through BTS 3 Figural and we covered tu quoque and genetic fallacies in Art of Argument.

She also completed her second unit of CW and began working on the third. In Caesar's English, she completed through lesson 8 and working on 9. We're also working on how to study flash cards on independently. She's been reading Lost World by Doyle for literature and is working through the second analysis section of CW.

In Latin, she is almost finished with chapter 8. She completed the last lesson of review in EG 1 and learned about the use of the accusative case for direct objects in lesson 7.

Violet's history of the last two weeks has involved readings from both Payne's The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt as well as The Usborne Encyclopedia of the Ancient World. She's has covered the Old Kingdom and the First Intermediate Period and has also written paragraphs on temples and pyramids.

She's up to chapter 7 of Life Science, but I think I need to set aside some time over the next two weeks to specifically work on how to take notes from a textbook.

Her music she has been doing independently at her own pace, and I honestly have no idea what she's covered the last two weeks.

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