Friday, September 13, 2013

Week 5 LG: Pyramids, the Akkadians, and Otters

Benny completed some review exercises in his Singapore textbook and workbook and began the corresponding IP section on double digit multiplication and long division this week. He continues to make progress on the second review section on CWP 3 as well.

His Building Thinking Skills 2 book had him comparing figures looking for differences, and he did another Mind Benders puzzle as well.

In grammar he began working with different sentence types and covered identifying and diagramming statements and questions. He finish the final lesson of SWO D and began working on the first lesson of SWO E on Friday. He continued reading My Side of the Mountain by George and had the week off from a read aloud since we were still waiting on the library book. He analyzed the fable "The Lion and the Bulls" in CW and completed his regular dictation and cursive copywork.

Latin for the week was a review lesson, which gave us time to focus on mastering all of the vocabulary from the first four lessons.

In history, we read about pyramids in SOTW 1 as well as in Pyramid by Macauley. He drew a sphinx for art and built a pyramid out of legos for hands on. On Thursday, we read about Sargon and the Akkadian empire in SOTW 1.

Our science topics for the week included otters, muskelids, and skunks. We covered violins, violas, and cellos for music.

Henry had a great week. We finished the last of the pages introducing consonant sounds and began working on the end of section page containing pairs of a consonant with a short vowel. We finished reading Elmer and the Dragon and began The Dragons of Blueland by Gannett for our chapter book. There was no additional history reading, but we did Grizzley Bears and Polar Bears by Gibbons for science. Our geography books came from Korea this week and included: The Sun Girl and the Moon Boy by Choi, The King's Secret: the Legend of King Sejong by Farley, and The Princess and the Beggar by O'Brien. We continued skip counting, began learning the days of the week, and did some mazes and pasting projects. He also decided to spend some time painting one day and made the picture on the left.

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