Friday, September 20, 2013

Week 6 LG: Israelites and Felines

Benny finished his IP section on double digit multiplication and long division and began working on addition and subtraction of fractions this week.  In his CWP3 book, he began the final section of review problems.

For BTS, he was looking for matching shapes within a shape that had missing or added lines.  His MindBenders required a little help since he wasn't familiar with the TV shows that it referenced.

His first spelling test in SWO E didn't go as well as I would like, so I had him copy the words he missed several times and retested the following day.  He covered commands and exclamations in grammar and finished reading My Side of the Mountain by Grant.  We began a new read aloud, The Golden Goblet by .  In CW, he narrated the fable "The Lion and the Bulls".  We reviewed the definitions of the different types of sentences for cursive copywork and did our first dictation out of a real book Charlotte's Web.

His LfC A lesson introduced masculine nouns this week as well as the corresponding masculine words for master, slave, friend, etc. which he easily memorized since he had already learned the feminine words.

We didn't get to music this week.  His art is in the previous post.

We covered the Israelites in chapter 6 of SOTW for history covering the time span from Abraham to Joseph and also read the corresponding VP cards.  All of it was review because he's been reading Genesis in A Child's Bible Book by Vos.  I did end up editing quite a bit of the SOTW chapter where it was adding details not found in Genesis.  We completed the corresponding map, and he did the word search for his hands on activity.

In science, we discussed the chapter 3 experiment but skipped doing it because he could already tell me what would happen.  We began chapter 4 covering felines and went over some general information.

Henry began working with three letter words in phonics this week.  We did our regular counting and practiced writing some numbers.  In BTS, he combined two shapes to make the new shape on the page and he began a new section in VPSB1 that had a shape to match with lots of scribbly lines and dots around and over the choices.  We did a much better job of getting through his different Kumon books, but didn't end up with as much reading as I had planned.  Other than Bible reading and our chapter book The Dragons of Blueland by Gannet we only read 2 science books on panda bears.
He also did some great art work on his own time.

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