Monday, September 9, 2013

Week 4 LG: Hieroglyphs, Mummies, and Bears

Benny's 4th Grade

Benny began a new unit on multiplication this week. First he worked on multiplying by multiples of 10 and then by two digit numbers.

In logic, he looked for matching figures in BTS 2, and he completed another MindBenders puzzle.

Benny finished reading Rabbit Hill by Lawson and began My Side of the Mountain by George. We finished our read aloud The Story of the Treasure Seekers by Nesbit, but our next book wasn't available at the library yet. He completed lesson 35 in SWO D, took his first grammar chapter test, and began learning to distinguish between complete sentences, run-ons, and fragments.

In Latin he learned the 1st declension noun ending this week and practiced declining nouns.
We read about cuneiform and hieroglyphs in SOTW 1 and learned about Champollion in Seeker of Knowledge by Rumford on Monday.  Tuesday, we read The Shipwrecked Sailor by Bower and Hieroglyphs by Milton.  The latter book had a hieroglyph stencil in the back that we used to write his name on the other page of his notebook which I left out of the picture.  Thursday, we covered the first part of chapter 4 in SOTW which introduced the Old Kingdom of Egypt and discussed mummies.

His hands on project for the week was to write a message in cuneiform.  The plan was to write gone fishing, but we ran out of room and settled for gone fish instead.

He opted to skip the experiment for the second science chapter, which would have had us make lemon jello and add red food dye to half of the batch to see if the change in color caused someone else to think the jello was a different flavor.  I personally hate red food dye, so I was fine with his decision.  We spent the remainder of the week reading about the basic characteristics of bears, the difference in the behavior of human fed bears, and how to react if meeting a bear in the woods.

Art is in the previous post.  I forgot to do music this week.

Henry and I continued reading Gannett's Elmer and the Dragon this week.  We covered the letters p, t, j, and g in Phonics Pathways.  We practiced more counting, did more matching in his critical thinking books, played Old Maid and Chomp, and went down to the pond and caught some tadpoles for fun.  For science, we read two books about foxes, but I forgot to write down the names.  For history, we read The 5000 Year Old Puzzle.  We didn't get to geography because I was busy getting items ready for consignment.

We did start a Kumon page book, complete 2 folding pages and a cutting page, and glue a few faces together in a sticker and paste book.

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