Monday, May 20, 2013

Week 35

Jessie's 8th Grade
  • Jessie continued working with inequalities in algebra this week solving and graphing both linear and quadratic inequalities.
  • In grammar, she completed her final unit on Friday leaving a couple of review lessons and the final for next week.  She also completed her 29th vocabulary lesson. 
  • In CW, she has been doing analysis work on a portion of Beowulf.  She finished reading London's The Call of the Wild and made notes to do an oral book report on Doyle's The Hound of the Baskervilles.
  • She's been working with active participles in Latin.
Violet's 6th Grade

  • Violet has been working on review exercises in her textbook this week.
  • In grammar, she covered some courtesy and interjections and reviewed the eight parts of speech.  She completed her final list of spelling words leaving one review lesson for next week.
  • She began reading The Winged Watchman for literature.
  • In Latin, she completed her final review exercises while she worked with prepositions again in Greek.

Benny's 3rd Grade
  • Benny completed the time section of his textbook and IP this week.  He's been doing math puzzles in Miquon.
  • His grammar has been all about poetry.  We've been using a poem called "Sowing and Reaping" for copywork.  He completed his 22nd spelling lesson.
  • In CW, he did some analysis work on "Alexander and Bucephalus".  He completed reading Twenty and Ten for literature and began The Incredible Journey.

This week in history we covered the main events of World War 2.  The girls both read The Invasion of Poland, Pearl Harbor, The Battle of Midway and D-Day by Skipper.  Jessie read The Battle of Britain  by Reynolds while Violet read the corresponding Skipper book.  Both outlined the section of SOTW covering the end of the war in Europe and summarized the section on the atomic bomb.  In addition to the two SOTW sections Benny read The Little Ships by Borden about the rescue of Dunkirk and the SOTW section on Pearl Harbor.  We didn't get our mapwork done this week, so we'll put our history pages together next week instead.

Jessie did begin taking notes on chapter 8 in physical science.  We still have 3 labs to complete that were scheduled for last week as well.

For art see the previous post.


Henry successfully completed the blending on the s page today, so we'll have another try at some of the other pages next week.  He also turned 5!  I'll post some birthday pictures next week.

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