Sunday, May 5, 2013

Week 33

Jessie's 8th Grade
  • Jessie continued working with inequalities this week: graphing the intersection of 2 or 3 inequalities, solving word problems with inequalities, and solving word problems with equations and inequalities.
  • She completed her 10th grammar unit, wrote a description of a place, and covered her 27th vocabulary chapter.
  • In literature, she began reading The Hound of the Baskervilles by Doyle and The Time Machine by Wells, which she completed on Friday.  Her CW has been analyzing this content and use of figures of speech in a Wordsworth poem.
  • In Latin, she nearly finished the 18th chapter after learning the irregular noun vis and completing the chapter reading.  She is also done with Elementary Greek 3!!
Violet's 6th Grade
  • Violet spent the week working on multistep word problems in Singapore.
  • She completed her 9th grammar unit and began working with prepositions.  Her spelling went well.
  • For literature, she began reading When the Red Fern Grows and after giving me some initial grief based on the cover seems to be enjoying the book.
  • In Latin, she completed her final section review while continuing to work with adjectives in Greek.
Benny's 3rd Grade
  • Benny completed his textbook section on fractions and began the corresponding IP section in Singapore. In Miquon, he worked with Venn diagrams.
  • His grammar covered various descriptions, introductions, and phone etiquette.  He did much better on his spelling test this week after review the i before e rule each day.
  • For CW, he analyzed "The Princess and the Pea".  He's reading Peter Pan by Barrie.  We finished our Happy Hollister read aloud.
This week we covered Charles Lindbergh, Albert Einstein, Georgia O'Keeffe, Robert Goddard, Louis Armstrong, and George Gershwin.  Because of the large number of topics, we stuck mostly to picture books.  Everyone read Charles Lindbergh by Graves, The Boy Who Dreamed of Rockets by Quackenbush, and George Gershwin by Venezia.  The girls also read Who Was Albert Einstein?, Georgia O'Keeffe by Venezia, and Who Was Louis Armstrong?


Jessie completed chapter 6 and began chapter 7.  Violet and Benny got the week off.  (I just need to stop leaving the space blank on my check sheet.)


For art, see the previous post.


Mostly the same old thing here:  books of his choice, some phonics, some writing, some counting, and some shapes.  I did get a chuckle Monday.  He hopped off the bed after I finished reading and said, "I'll be right back with the comics book."  I was still puzzling over the word comics when he returned 20 seconds later carrying the phonics book.

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