Monday, March 12, 2012

Planning for 2012-13

Getting a curriculum list together for the upcoming year has proven much easier than last year.  Jessie and I sat down and discussed the new curriculum that we began in 7th grade; and while she likes some programs more than others, she's overall happy with our choices.  Violet and Benny and both doing well with their current curriculum; so while I may tweak our programs to better fit their needs, I don't see any need for major changes.  Here's our current plan for the upcoming year:

Jessie's 8th Grade:
  • MATH - Foerster's Algebra I
  • LA - Rod & Staff 8, Word Within a Word 1, Classical Writing Chreia & Intermediate Poetry, Omnibus 3
  • HISTORY - TruthQuest AOR 2 (finish) and 3 (I do need to raise my expectations for output, but the curriculum itself is working)
  • SCIENCE - BJU Physical Science
  • FOREIGN LANGUAGE - Latin Alive 2, Elementary Greek 3
  • LOGIC - Traditional Logic 1
Violet's 6th Grade:
  • MATH - Singapore 6
  • LA - Rod and Staff 6, SWO H, Classical Writing Homer & Poetry for Beginners, lots of library books with a shift from narration to discussion
  • HISTORY - same as above
  • SCIENCE - God's Design for Chemistry and Ecology
  • FOREIGN LANGUAGE - LfC C, Elementary Greek 1
  • LOGIC - Building Thinking Skills 2, ???
Benny's 3rd Grade:
  • MATH - Singapore 3 and Miquon Yellow/Purple
  • LA - Rod and Staff 3, SWO C (finish) and D, Classical Writing Aesop w/ copywork and dictation, lots of library books with a shift to reading and narrating
  • HISTORY - TruthQuest AHYS 2 and 3
  • SCIENCE - God's Design for Chemistry and Ecology
  • LOGIC - Building Thinking Skills 1, ???
Henry's PreK:
  • letters and phonics as able
  • math and number games
  • lots and lots of library books
  • basic skills:  cutting, coloring, sorting, etc.

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