Friday, September 30, 2011

Week 6: Pilgrims and Curious George for boys


Benny spent the entire week in Singapore 2A learning how to borrow for subtraction.  He did a great job!  In Miquon, he had some fun doubling numbers.
We began reading aloud Five Children and It by Nesbit this week, while he continues to read A Lion to Guard Us by Bulla to me. He completed two more spelling lessons, learned how to write dates, and began learning about pronouns for FLL. His copywork was a little of this and that: the definition of a pronoun, Tuesday's date and his birthday, another four state names, and two history related sentences.

It was Pilgrim week.  Benny and I read a l...o...t of chapters from Stories of the Pilgrims by Pumphrey.  We took a break after every few pages for him to narrate a few sentences.  He is very proud to have composed his longest narration ever.  We also mapped their journey.
He and I made Indian cornbread (with modern ingredients) using the SOTW activity guide.  By the end of the week, he wanted to spend time with DH rather than do activities.

No SCIENCE for Benny this week.  I didn't have the booklets ready for the lapbook.


For art, I couldn't interest Benny in drawing a bear, so I suggested some finger painting.  I showed him these directions for finger painting caterpillars, butterflies, and flowers for ideas.  He had a lot of fun.  I'll put up a final picture another day once the paint is dry and he can draw in the legs, eyes, etc.

For music, we learned about the cello.

He learned the location of Wisconsin and Illinois and added four more states to his state song taking him up to Michigan in his list.

I finally got his memory box organized and placed in the verses and poems he knew as well as two new ones, Psalm 100 and "The Shepherd".


It was Curious George week for Henry.  It was fun to read the books and say "...a good little monkey but always very..." and let him supply curious or "man with the..." with him finishing "yellow hat".  He had a blast reading the stories with me. 

We also reviewed the Noah's ark story, named the colors of the rainbow (and reviewed other colors as well).  Somehow I missed getting any pictures, so I'll have to try a little harder next week.

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