Friday, September 30, 2011

Week 6, part 2: Pilgrims, cells, and magnets for the girls


Jessie finished up Tolkien's The Fellowship of the Ring  and read five more chapters in Augustine's Confessions this week.  She completed her second R&S unit and began unit 3 on nouns.  She also finished her Caesar's English I book and moved on to Caesar's English II for vocabulary.  She spent a full week working through the steps for her first writing assignment in CW Diogenes.

Violet finished reading Swiss Family Robinson by Wyss.  She completed her first review chapter in SWO G and her second unit in R&S 5.  She also began learning about nouns on Friday for unit 3.  For CW Homer, she rewrote "The Good Samaritan" after analyzing the components of the scene.  She also did some synonym work, a bit of diagramming, and a little paraphrasing by synonym substitution.

Jessie finally caught back up to where we had stopped NEM 1 to work on writing out steps in math.  She did a bit of estimating as a means of checking her answers on Thursday and tried the second challenge section on Friday.  We went over the ones which she had trouble with together.

Violet spent the entire week working on double digit multiplication and multiplication facts.  I think we'll move on in the Singapore text next week but continue filling in daily multiplication charts and completing a few whiteboard problems for multiplication as well to encourage her to practice her facts and improve her accuracy.


Jessie completed chapter 7 in LA1 and chapter 5 in EG2.  Violet completed her first review lesson in LfC B.


History this week was all about the Pilgrims of Plymouth.

On Monday, both girls read from the TruthQuest guide and a chapter from The Story of the Thirteen Colonies by Guerber.  Jessie and Violet completed a two level outline and a one level outline respectively of a portion of the chapter.  Jessie went on to read Miles Standish:  Plymouth Colony Leader by Miller, William Bradford of Plymouth Colony by Bradford, and John Alden:  Steadfast Pilgrim by Edwards.  She wrote very brief summaries of the first two selections. 
Violet spent three days reading one chapter at a time from the Guerber book, jotting down key events, and then writing a summary from them.  I combined her three summaries into one longer summary on Friday, and we made a few editing changes to give it better flow in a few awkward places.


Jessie continued learning about cells in BJU Life Science.  She did complete one experiment this week on turgor pressure by placing one slice of potato in regular water and one in salt water.  The other two experiments, we discussed but did not complete.  Her test results were not stellar, so Friday I had her go back through the textbook and make vocabulary cards for all of the words in bold print.  I'll quiz her on them over the weekend, and we'll start fresh money with an emphasis on study skills for science.

Violet spent the week learning about magnets with lots of hands on.
She strung together a series of magnets, a nail, and some paperclips; used one magnet to push the other around the table with touching them; and just spent some time playing and exploring as well.  I think it may be the first time, she voluntary experimented on her own just for fun.
She also magnetized a needle to make a compass.

Jessie chose to draw a page from one of our coloring books this week.
Violet drew a grizzly bear and tried adding different sizes of trees for dimension.

The girls learned about clarinets, saxophones, and bassoons for music adding more cards to their orchestra folders.

Both continue to progress through their logic programs. 

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Gifts for Girls Academy said...

You've accomplished so much! I can't wait until we're settled again (moving next month overseas), so that I can bring back our memory work. I love your memory work list, and I may borrow this idea if you don't mind. I'm thinking that a list on my blog would hold me more accountable!