Friday, September 23, 2011

Week 5: King Gustavus, cells, and electricity


We made zero forward progress in math this week with the girls.  Jessie made so many mistakes with math on Monday because she refused to show her work that I decided it was useless to continue forward.  I couldn't tell if she was making errors in computation, in order of operations, in conversion of fractions or decimals, or what.  So we discussed attitudes, lack of listening to directions, and the resulting consequences using examples from school and from life in general.  Then we started back at the beginning of NEM1 with the primary purpose of learning to write out the steps to show her work in math.  I picked and chose problems for her to write out with the understanding that a few errors in copying or computation were acceptable, but not writing out the steps or conceptual errors would result in additional problems for practice.  Tuesday was much better than Monday, and it is now much easier to correct her math.

Violet also had problems in math Monday.  Tuesday and Wednesday, we backed up and reviewed order of operation again.  Thursday and Friday we started working on double digit multiplication.  I've been having her fill out a daily multiplication chart before starting her assignments.  The number of errors is decreasing, but I think we're going to have to stay on multiplication at least part of next week until I see an improvement in consistency.


Jessie began Confessions by Augustine for Omnibus Primary while continuing Tolkien's The Fellowship of the Ring for Omnibus secondary.  She worked on the final vocabulary lesson in CE1 and covered 3 lessons and 2 worksheets in R&S 7.  We spent the week in Diogenes analyzing a Silence Dogood letter from Benjamin Franklin on the vice of pride of apparel. 

Violet completed reading Blackthorn Winter by Wilson and is near the end of Swiss Family Robinson by Wyss.  She continues to progress well in SWO B.  In Homer, she dug deeper into Theon's components and rewrote "To the Sea".  R&S was combining sentences or parts of sentences and more paragraph writing.


Jessie finished her first Latin Alive unit and completed another lesson in EG2.  Violet reviewed the verb sum, esse as part of her completed LfC B lesson this week.


 The girls finished learning about the Thirty Years War this week.  Both read three chapters from The Story of the Renaissance and Reformation by Miller covering King Christian of Denmark, King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden, and the entry of France in the war.  They also read about the Swedish king in Trial and Triumph.  I had Jessie condense each Miller chapter into a one paragraph summary.  While Violet wrote a narration on Gustavus Adolphus from the second resource.
 Wednesday, they read 2 more chapters from Miller and outlined a section covering the end of the war, the peace treaty, and the fallout for Germany.
Thursday, they took a breather to read Rembrandt by Venezia and Diego Velazquez by Venezia.


Jessie completed chapter 4 on cell membranes and other structures this week.
She got her first chance to try out our microscope looking at a letter e from the newspaper as well as several prepared slides that came with the microscope.
We demonstrated osmosis through a semi-permeable membrane by filling tubing with water or corn syrup, submerging them in water, and then noting the changes.  We also had a long discussion about taking tests, the necessity of learning good study techniques (by following directions), and the consequences of poor study skills.  I found an extra test for chapters 3 and 4 in the test booklet that I hadn't scheduled, so she got another chance at studying and testing.  It went much better.

Violet continued learning about electricity.
She learned about circuits and tried placing tape, cardboard, and aluminum foil between the batteries in a flashlight to see which allowed for the conduction of electricity.
She also made a few circuits using Benny's snap circuits kit.


For music this week, we covered flutes, piccolos, and oboes.

They continued their online computer activities for geography and completed their logic assignments.

Art fell by the wayside because I ran out of steam.  We'll pick back up next week.

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