Friday, September 16, 2011

Week 4, part 2: 30 Years War, electricity, and cell membranes


Jessie reviewed fractions, decimals, the operations involving them, and rounding this week in NEM 1.  She also learned about significant numbers in rounding. 

Violet completed her first IP unit in Singapore 5A.  She's still making a lot of initial mistakes.  I've stopped showing her where her mistake is and am letting her check through her own work.  She's getting better at correcting her own mistakes and showing her work. 


Jessie completed her first primary book in Omnibus 2 this week.  Next week, we'll move on to Augustine's Confessions.  We're currently about halfway through Tolkien's The Fellowship of the Ring for Omnibus secondary.  In CE1, she finished chapter 19 this week and has only one chapter to go.  For CW Diogenes, we completed the first theory section and have begun working on the first analysis section. 
In grammar, she worked on independent and dependent clauses, simple and compound sentences, and diagramming compound sentences.

Violet continues Swiss Family Robinson by Wyss and Blackthorn Winter by Wilson for literature.  She worked on combining sentences and writing paragraphs in R&S 5, passed another test in SWO G, and rewrote "The Frogs Desiring a King" for CW Homer.


Jessie finished chapter 4 in Latin Alive this week and began working on the accusative and dative cases of nouns in chapter 5.  She's still breezing through the review of EG2.  Violet is also breezing through LfC B which is currently reviewing grammar from last year.  Both completed their regular logic assignments as well.

I wasn't able to get the girls the book on the pilgrims that I wanted this week, so they focused on the 30 Years War.
 They each outlined a portion of The Story of the Renaissance and Reformation by Miller covering the start of the war.
 They summarized the revolt in Bohemia and the persecution of the Huguenots in France under Richelieu.
I let them use Benny's map as a guide to complete their map work of the two sides of the war.  For the girls this topic will continue over into next week as well.
I invited the girls to join Benny and I in making origami storks on Monday.  We used this video for the directions.  All the kids needed help at some point along the way, but they had fun.


Jessie finished up chapter 3 in BJU life on cells and moved on to chapter 4 to learn above cell membranes and cell parts.
This experiment had her compare the results of a milk mixture with rennet tablets to one without tablets.  I thought it was also an excellent opportunity to practice writing a lab report.
She compared the amount of time it took food coloring to spread in a glass with moving water versus still water after learning about diffusion across cell membranes.
We caught up on last week's lab testing for proteins in various substances.  Since we had six test tubes, we just picked six substances from the list:  egg yolk, whole wheat flour, lemon juice, vinegar, sugar, and contact lens cleaner.  We still had two labs that we didn't get to that I'll have to push into next week (partially because I didn't have any corn syrup and partially because I was just too tired Friday to worry about it).

Violet spent the first two days of the week doing a vocabulary review and quiz for unit 2 of God's Design Heat & Energy.  Her new unit is on electricity.
We tried demonstrating static electricity with a balloon.  She learned different types of circuits and completed a worksheet on that information.  She also learned about lightning.


The girls continue to play online games for geography.  Jessie is almost ready to switch to the capitals games, while Violet continues to identify the states regionally.

For music this week, we finished learning the string instruments including the double bass and the harp and added the instrument cards to our orchestra folder.

In art, Jessie and I talked about light versus shadow.  Then she went back and colored in her duck picture from two weeks ago paying attention to the coloring and shadowing of the original illustration.
Violet drew a floppy eared bunny using these directions and asked to color it in with our soft pastels.

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Lexi said...

My 5-year-old daughter was looking at blogs with me and saw the fractions math page. She was very interested and thought it was Chinese. Then I told her it was math and she yelled, "I can never do that" But she doesn't know she can and she day : ) Great pics! Lots of fun things at your house!