Wednesday, April 7, 2010

WW: Henry Takes Charge

Lunch time came around today, and I was busy cleaning. Henry decided not to wait on me and helped himself to the pantry. When he saw that Benny was also waiting on me for lunch, he offered to share and they had a picnic together on the kitchen floor.


Mathmom and family said...

Brotherly love at its best.

Helen L. said...

I'm enjoying your blog! We're a Harry Potter family, too, although I've been struggling with how much to let my 2nd grader read. I stopped him after the third book because I felt things became too intense but it is hard for him not to be able to continue reading the series! I also would love to hear more about how you like CW Aesop....I have that on my potential list for the fall and have no idea how to choose between it and IEW...sigh. Anyway, thank you for sharing!