Friday, April 9, 2010

Week 31: Who wants to be inside?

It's been beautiful outside all week. On the hot days, the kids had water gun battles or played under the back deck in the shade. On the cooler days, they ran all around the yard. DH and I started planting the new garden with beans, potatoes, onions, and corn so far. I've been washing clothes like crazy trying to get everything washed so I could get the spring/summer clothes in the drawers and start packing the fall/winter. The good news is that I finished washing finally. Now I just have to sort and pack. School has been a bit hit and miss this week. Jessie has to retype a couple of assignments when Henry closed the documents before I saved them. Violet has been alternating between staring out the window and slipping outside with Benny before her work is done. Henry has been his usual self. Here's what did get done.


Jessie zipped through the unit on line graphs covering the textbook and workbook in 2 days, the corresponding IP section in 2 days, and finished off with a review on Friday in the textbook. It's been a nice easy math week for her. The unit did a good job of reviewing previous skills such as averages and percentages also.

Violet has finished the textbook and workbook section on picture graphs and started working on the corresponding section in the IP. Violet's biggest problem with picture graphs is that she doesn't always stop to see how many each picture is supposed to represent. Of course, staring out the window daydreaming doesn't help with her concentration either. Eventually, she got through all of her work. In Miquon, she finished graphing equations. She had a couple of number pattern charts. She was given a number to start on and a series of arrows telling her which direction to move. Then she wrote down where she landed. Today she had a clock face, was given a starting point, and was asked to figure out where a certain number of hops in first the clockwise and then the counter-clockwise direction would land her.

Benny keeps plugging away at adding and subtraction within 20 in both the Singapore and Miquon texts. I've let him work by himself all week long, and then when he was finished we sat down together to go over any mistakes. His math has been great. Now if I could just keep him from goofing around at the table, we'd have a more peaceful morning.


Another week, another spelling test down. Jessie also finished the R&S grammar section on capitalization and dictionary skills with minimal assignments this week since I felt she already had a good grasp of the material. Her biggest accomplishment for the week: she FINISHED the LAST CW HOMER ASSIGNMENT FOR THE YEAR!!! Yeah!! No more parsing words or sentence shuffles until fall!! In literature, she's still plugging along through Robinson Crusoe and is happy to see that Crusoe has finally met Friday.

Violet's grammar has mostly been a string of writing assignments this week. She's written descriptions of places and people and had a lesson on giving oral descriptions. We didn't get around to spelling, but did complete her copywork assignments. For CW Aesop, she analyzed "The City Mouse and the Country Mouse". she completed reading Detectives in Togas and has begun the sequel, Mystery of the Roman Ransom.

Benny has continue in his phonics this week. We're currently alternating between the Phonics Pathways lessons and the A2 series of Bob books each day. He's getting better at distinguishing when to use a short sound versus a long sound, but he's still mixing up a few sounds now and then. He ended up getting the week off from handwriting since he didn't have a new memory verse from Sunday school to copy.


This week in New Testament history, we read about Jesus calling his first disciples, his first miracle, and his discussion with Nicodemus. Violet gave me an oral narration every day that was turned into a notebook page. For Jessie in addition to oral narrations, I told her to keep a list of the miracles Jesus does and who Jesus says that He is. We'll turn the information into a couple of notebooking pages in a few weeks.

In ancient Rome, we studied the Roman monarchy from the second king Numa Pompilus to the end or the reign of Tarquin. Jessie read from The Story of the Romans and summarized the accomplishments of the various kings. Violet read 4 chapters in Famous Men of Rome and gave me 2-3 sentence narrations on each. There were no maps or corresponding art assignments this week. We did add timeline figures for Numa Pompilus, the Horatii and the Curatii, the reign of the Tarquins, and the temple of Diana (Artemis). SCIENCE

Again, not completed.


Jessie did complete a week of logic assignments and also another Latin lesson. Violet finished lesson 7 of LfC A and started lesson 8 on Friday.


Henry has slowly been working on increasing his vocabulary skills. His favorite response is now "no, no". Other new phrases for the week include bow-wow and gotta go (Benny says this one a lot). Otherwise, he has constantly been on the lookout for someone to leave a door unlocked so he can slip outside.


Daisy said...

I am amazed by your children's work ethic. You get so much accomplished. My children are in permanent spring break mode right now. I need to crack the whip for the last 9 weeks of school.

As always, a fabulous week.

Tonia said...

Looks like a very good week! I'm amazed at how much you can accomplish. Hope you have a refreshing weekend!

MissMOE said...

Sounds like a lovely week. I love the units on graphs in Singapore--always makes my job easier to review something easy.