Friday, February 12, 2010

Week 24: Recovering from last weekend

Last weekend's storm resulted in zero electricity at my house from Friday at 3 to Monday at about 3:30. Thankfully, I had printed off the check sheets ahead of time, but without access to my computer and the internet I couldn't complete all of the lesson plans. The girls got the week off from history, and I also gave them a week off from Latin since we couldn't watch the DVDs on Monday. I gave Benny the week off from handwriting (since it seemed only fair that he get a break also). It's been a bit of a crazy week, but we've still accomplished a respectable amount of work. Here goes..


Jessie finished up the IP section on decimals this week. She struggled a little bit with some of the work, but a couple of hints set her back on course. She also had a long review exercise in her textbook before starting a new unit on percentages Friday, which we are both expecting to be a nice easy break. In CWP, she has finished up the section on angles and done very well with those problems.

Violet also finished up the first IP section in the 3B books this week. Friday, she started a new unit in the textbook and workbook covering length. The first exercise was simply converting back and forth between meters and centimeters. Once we finish this unit, she'll finally be ready to start back into her CWP book with the section on length.

Benny finished up the IP section on ordinal numbers. We did a lot of the work orally, and I didn't have him write out the words first, second, etc. The amount of space that they gave for writing was extremely small, and I'm not really worried at this point whether or not he can spell them correctly.


Jessie finished her first review lesson in SWO H. In grammar, we finished the unit on adjectives and adverbs and started a unit on punctuation. The first lesson reviewed punctuation at the end of sentences and with initials briefly and introduce a bunch of abbreviations as well which were new. She plugging happily along through The Hobbit and has I believe 3 chapters left for next week. In CW, we moved on to skill level 4 with the model "The Woodchuck Episode" which focuses more on condensing the narrative during the analysis. Jessie's getting faster at the sentence shuffle, and we were able to complete 2 shuffles with a little time to spare this week.

Violet completed her regular spelling assignments. In grammar, we've started learning about adverbs. So far we've covered adverbs answering the question how and when as well as how to diagram them. In handwriting, she continues to copy sentences from The Secret Garden which are now describing what Mary sees the first time she enters the garden. In CW Aesop, she rewrote the model Julius Caesar this week. She tried to shorten her rough draft way down the first time, and I made her rewrite it using her outline. She continues to push my patience by trying to give me 2-3 sentence narrations on her literature, so I've made her reread assignments a couple of times. (It's not the only way she is testing me this week, so I'm hoping it is a phase that will end soon.)

Benny finished with the long o and started the long u this week. Our read alouds have been hit or miss as he's been outside playing some days, and I've been catching up the laundry on others, but we'll get back on track next week.


On break due to power outage.


We completed our Be models to show metallic bonding and read about metal alloys, Hall extracting pure aluminum, and crystals. This afternoon we'll start some table salt and epsom salt crystals forming. If it works well, I'll post some pictures next week.


Rather than a new lesson, we did some vocab and grammar review this week. I'm getting the vocab cards caught up. We did the regular logic assignments despite Jessie's meltdown when all the labels weren't on the chart.


I posted a few of Henry's antics on Wednesday. My only other picture from this week is he and Benny settling down together on Tuesday morning to watch Curious George. I think they set a new record in dashing to the television when Violet announced it was 8am.


Our Westmoreland School said...

Wow, that's a long time to go without electricity. I guess some reading got done though.

It sounds like you have had a really busy week! I know I loved the Hobbit, whenever I read about someone reading it I always get the warm fuzzies.

Thanks for sharing :)

sunnykim said...

Cute photo with your kids and the salt crystals!

MissMOE said...

Sounds like a good week--even without power. I love the picture of your little ones watching Curious George.