Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Hobbit - 50 in 50, Week 5

This is I believe the 3rd time, I've read through The Hobbit over many years. The first was for school naturally. The second was just for fun when my oldest was much younger. It is definitely a book I will enjoy rereading for many years to come.

For those who haven't read it in a long while it is the tale of Bilbo Baggins' journey with Gandalf the wizard and a group of 13 dwarves to retrieve treasures that the dwarves had lost many years before to a dragon named Smaug. While Bilbo starts off rather reluctantly, his confidence grows with each adventure. Add to that a magic ring to become invisible and a little luck, and he soon gains the respect of the dwarves and takes more of a leadership position in the group. Among the many difficulties are trolls, goblins, wolves, spiders, wood elves and of course the dragon. Overall it's a delightful book for kids 10 and up, but it would make a great read aloud for a younger crowd as well.

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