Saturday, February 20, 2010

I love Harris Teeter!!

This week has been super double coupons at Harris Teeter, so everything up to $1.98 in value doubles. I found all of the coupons I used online through and used coupons on everything except the whole wheat spaghetti (which was still half the price on sale of what I usually spend on a box). I purchased...

5 soft scrub bathroom cleaner bottles (FREE)
2 Regular Quaker Oats (75 cents each)
15 Barilla whole wheat spaghetti boxes (60 cents each)
16 Yoplait light yogurts (25 cents each)
8 8th continent soy milk cartons (4 free, 4 at $1)
9 cans Progresso beef soup (61 cents each)
3 House Autrey hushpuppy mixes and 1 seafood breader ($1.39 each)
1 Kashi cereal (95 cents)
4 Smart Starts cereal (FREE)
6 Aquafresh toothpaste of various kinds (FREE)
2 Old Orchards juice (50 cents each)
2 Starbucks Frapaccinos (FREE) - These were just for fun...

Total value: 173.89
Total out of pocket cost: $34.75
Savings: $139.14 (80%)

For the kids, the free cookies every time we went to the Harris Teeter store plus the free pretzels that Auntie Anne's was giving away on Saturday made it a great week.

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