Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Week 20: A short week

So we actually put in two days this week. (I know I'm mean.) Basically we did just enough of the basics to add to our 3 day Thanksgiving week to squeeze in one more week before the end of the year.


Jessie did her last lesson in the Intensive Practice book on area and perimeter Monday. On Tuesday she did the final review at the end of the 4A textbook. A few more reviews in the workbook and Intensive Practice and she'll be on to the 4B series by mid-January.

Violet did a couple of more exercises on time. Basic clock reading review and some problems on elapsed time. Since this is really all review for her I'm sure she'll have no problem picking up mid-unit in January.


Jessie had a spelling test Monday. She had one lesson in grammar then tested to finish the 5th unit in R&S on Tuesday. We only did one day of dictation. I meant to finalize our last CW story and completely forgot. She also read two more chapters in Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh.

Violet also completed one day of cursive copywork, a spelling test, and the last grammar lesson on linking verbs. She read one more chapter in The Wheel on the School putting us at a good stopping place for the month.


History this week consisted only of assembling and decorating lapbooks. I'll post pictures up over the weekend when I have some time.

No science, art, music, or Latin (other than a some vocabulary review).


Benny read through the last of the two letter blending section again and did very well. Tuesday, I thought we'd read a book together so we worked through the first of the Bob books. He found it a bit harder than I expected but he did a great job of sticking with it until the end. Otherwise we did a bit of counting and read some Christmas books.

That's our week. Have a Merry Christmas!!

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