Monday, December 8, 2008

Thinking about next year, part 1

It's hard to believe that it's already December. I still have plenty of work and planning to do for this years history and science, but still I feel compelled to take a few days to think about next year so that I can start looking for some used curriculum. Today I'll look at core subjects for Jessie for 5th, Violet for 3rd, and Benny for K.


Singapore math continues to work well for both Jessie and Violet. I'm happy with the scope and sequence. I love the mental math strategies. I love the reasoning required with the word problems (except when I'm so tired that I can't figure out how to draw the bar graphs without working the solution algebraically first). For Jessie, we would need to purchase:
  • Singapore Primary Math 5A Textbook ($7.95)
  • Singapore Primary Math 5A Workbook ($7.15)
  • Singapore Primary Math 5A Intensive Practice ($7.95)
  • Singapore Primary Math 5B Textbook ($7.95)
  • Singapore Primary Math 5B Workbook ($7.15)
  • Singapore Primary Math 5B Intensive Practice ($7.95)
  • Singapore Primary Math Challenging Word Problems 5 ($7.55)
For Violet, we already have the 3A and 3B level books as well as the remaining Miquon books for next year. Benny can used our 1A books and Miquon Red book for Kindergarten.

COST: $53.65


Spelling: Both girls continue to do well in the Spelling Workout program. I've already purchased the remaining levels in the series. Jessie can finish levels G and H. Violet should be working in level E. Benny would use level A assuming we progress far enough in phonics. No purchasing required:)

Phonics/Reading: Both girls are doing very well with their independent reading this year. We'll plan to continue using the library and selections from Ambleside or the 1000 Good Books list. I would like to move Jessie from move of a narration to a discussion of her reading. Maybe Teaching the Classics for me. I'll have to decide if I need the DVD. Benny will continue with Phonics Pathways and add library books as needed. Lots of reading for Mom. We may buy one or two books here, but who am I kidding, I haven't even finished this year's list yet.
  • Teaching the Classics, DVD and workbook ($89.00)

Grammar: Last year I had some reservations about Rod and Staff but decided to give it one more try. Wouldn't you know that it works just fine if you actually follow the program the way it's laid out in the teacher's manual. The worksheets and tests provide good additional work. For Jessie, we would need to purchase:

  • Following the Plan: R&S 5 pupil book ($15.30)
  • Following the Plan: R&S 5 worksheets ($2.95)
  • Following the Plan: R&S 5 teacher's manual ($21.90)
  • Following the Plan: R&S 5 tests ($1.95)
For Violet I have the level 3 student and teacher's books. We would only need to purchase the worksheets ($2.95) and the tests ($1.95). No grammar needed for Benny.

Writing: Classical Writing has also worked better for us this year making my own lesson plans instead of buying the instructor's guide and student workbook. Jessie will be ready to move on to CW Homer and CW Poetry for Beginners, and I already purchase both core guides last year used. I'm hoping we can do these with just the core guides as well. Hopefully, I can sit down and read through them after Christmas. Violet should be ready for Aesop. I just need to rethink some lesson plans. Dictation for Jessie and copywork maybe changing over to dictation for Violet can be done with library books or classics that we own. I should have plenty of 3rd grade paper for Violet as well as some K paper to use with Benny to teach the letters and begin some simple copywork.

COST: $136.00


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