Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Thinking about next year, part 3

It's been a rocky week since Christmas, and a lot of what I had hoped to get done has fallen by the wayside. Henry started getting sick the day after Christmas. In nice to see the fever gone and have him back to nursing again. It will be nice to get a good night's sleep again and have him back in his own bed instead of sharing the sofa bed. Benny also managed to catch whatever Henry had. He's stilling running a fever but is feeling much better as well. Back to thinking about next year.


Jessie has loved Latin for Children A this year so we'll continue with B for her next year. I don't think Violet will be ready for A in the fall for 3rd grade. I'm not sure whether to wait another year or start with a different program and then switch.


Jessie's been doing some of the MindBenders already. If we finish A4 this year, then we could do a couple of the level B books next year. I also want to look at the Red Herring books to see if we want to use those as well next year.


We have Apologia Botany that I would like to work on over the summer with the girls. We could also do Zoology 3 next year, but Jessie's already done a lot of this during first grade. Topics I'd like to cover with Jessie include the human body, earth science and some basic physics and chemistry experiments. I guess I'll need to look around and do some research. I also need to decide if I want to keep her combined with Violet for one or two more years.

Art and Music

I have no ideas here at the present time. I need to look and see what else my library has available. I'd like to try to start some art appreciation to coincide with our history studies next year.

Beyond that there's always geography and other languages. It will give me something to think about after I nail down the rest of the subjects.

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