Tuesday, September 23, 2008

School Planning To Do List

Since I only seem to be able to work in short bursts of time (which is coincidentally how baby Henry still sleeps), I've found that I am much more productive with those brief stretches of time if I have a list of things to select from when the time becomes available. So forgive me adding yet another list to my blog, but at least this way it doesn't go on a sheet of paper only to be lost.

  1. Make flashcards for lessons 19 through 32.
  2. Make tests for lessons 21 through 32.
  3. Print additional worksheets and review chapter tests.
  4. Add history reader into schedule starting at week 18.
  5. Consider adding extra practice conjugating and declining.
  1. Preread books for AHYS2 topics 37-42 and all of AHYS3.
  2. Create lesson plans for those topics.
  3. Find maps and create mapwork pages where appropriate.
  4. Print timeline figures for remaining topics.
  1. Finish creating booklets for Zoology 1.
  2. Create lesson plans and booklets for Zoology 2.
  3. Coordinate science with art using 1-2-3 Draw Ocean Life.
  1. Create lapbook to cover basic geography terms and schedule time to complete starting in January.

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