Thursday, September 4, 2008

Books for Dragon Lovers

For those with little boys (or girls, moms, or dads for that matter) who love dragons, I wanted to share a series of 3 delightful pictures books that Benny has had me read over and over again this week. Actually, he loves these books so much we're putting them on his Christmas list. Otherwise, we might single-handedly wear out the library copies of them. (I've also noticed the girls mysteriously appearing next to us several times while these books were being read, but don't let them know I spotted them.)

The Egg by M. P. Robertson
"George knew something wasn't right when he found more than he had bargained for under his mother's favorite chicken." You can probably deduce what he uncovered that morning simply by looking at the book cover. From caring for his new-found egg to the first delightful chirrup of the new baby and beyond, George does his best to be the best dragon mother that he can. With it's beautiful illustrations, it's definitely a winner for everyone.

The Great Dragon Rescue by M. P. Robertson
George's dragon friend is in need of some help. One morning as George climb in the chicken coop to collect the morning eggs, he suddenly finds himself coop and all flying through the air to the land that is neither here nor there. Deep in the forest they come upon an old witch holding a baby dragon captive for her very own barbecue. How George frees the dragon and what happens to the witch make this beautifully illustrated story a perfect sequel.

The Dragon Snatcher by M. P. Robertson

In this 3rd adventure George must save the dragons from a frosty old wizard whose only concern is completing his beloved collection of dragon eggs. Although things don't go exactly as planned, once again George saves the day in the land that is neither here nor there. As for the wizard, well I'll let you find out for yourself.

Happy reading!! To find out more just follow the links to amazon for more reviews and information.

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