Thursday, September 11, 2008

Benny's First Dentist Appointment

Last night I reminded Benny that he had a dentist appointment this morning. Of course, he immediately had to run back and tell his sisters he was going to see the dentist. This morning he was so excited that I lost track of how many times he asked me when we were leaving for HIS appointment. I'm quite sure neither of his sisters was ever this enthusiastic about going to the dentist.

Well, we finally arrived, filled out the paperwork, and got called to the back. The hygienist asked him where he wanted to sit, and Benny just looked at her so I suggested the green chair. He sat in the chair and listened as she explained how the chair worked and giggled when she made the water in the cup disappear with Mr. Thirsty. He would nod when she spoke to him but didn't utter a single word so I had to pick his flavor for the fluoride treatment. When she laid the chair back, he put his hands on his belly before she even asked and laid absolutely still. Other than an occasional movement of the mouth, he could have passed for a statue. It was like he was completely frozen in place, but not afraid because he would still smile when she said something funny. The hygienist asked if we had practiced at home, and I replied no. She commented a couple of other times at how good he was, and even went so far as to say he could be the model patient for the dentist practice. I just smiled. I've never seen him lay that still when he is awake, and quite honestly it struck me as funny but I didn't want to laugh. I had told that he would need to lay still and hold his mouth open in the dentist chair, but he certainly exceeded my expectations. He even stayed still while the dentist scrapped away a bit of tartar although I did see him flinch once or twice.

Needless to say, he loves his new toothbrush, bouncy ball, and sticker. Oh, and he's also back to his normal chattering and wiggling.

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Tonia said...

My 4yo dd has her first dentist appointment next Friday - I hope she does as well! Sounds like he had a good experience! :0)