Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Benny Goes to the Library

Normally taking all of the kids to the library is part of our weekly schedule. At least until this summer. In an effort to save on gas and trips to town, the summer I scheduled Jessie and Violet for swimming lessons on Saturdays when they could go at the same time; and while we were in town, we ran all of our remaining errands for the week (library, groceries, etc.). Since my DH has been home almost every Saturday this summer, Benny has chosen to stay home with DH and go fishing on Saturday mornings. As a result, it had actually been several weeks since Benny's last trip to the library. But this past Sautrday was different. DH was planning a fishing trip with some of his friends and wanted to leave at lunch time so Benny had to come to town with us.

When we got to the library, we rolled the crate in as usual and dropped off our returns. Then I sent the kids back to pick books while I stopped at the computer to see if I needed to renew any books. Benny pulled the rolling crate behind him and headed off after his sisters. Two minutes later when I caught up to him, he already had quite a stack in the crate. He had found a couple of Rainbow Fish books, a few Curious George, and was heading for the bins around the reading area. We thinned out a couple of books, but when I turned around to help Violet find something, he was off again. All told he ended up with about 25 books I would guess half of which I had put on hold for him and half of which he found on his own. My poor coffee table is crammed with books, but we definitely won't run out of books to read this week. It amazes me how well he can find books just by remembering where the ones he's looking for are kept.

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