Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Assignment Schedule for Rod & Staff 4 English

In an effort to actually accomplish something that I can check off of my to do list quickly, I spent the last few days making the semester assignment sheets for Jessie's 4th grade subjects. Since Jessie struggled a bit with grammar last year, we're going to spend more time working on it this year. I went ahead and scheduled all of the lessons, worksheets, and tests found in the program. I'm not sure we will need all of them, but it's always easier to cut than it is to expand. Here is what our year of grammar will look like...

If you'd like to print these plans, I'll add a link to the Excel file over under lesson plans.


ticklbee said...

Thank you so much for posting this. I googled Rod & Staff schedules because I needed a schedule for English 4 and yours popped up first! I couldn't find a link to a printable version so I just cut and pasted it into Word and printed it out. Worked like a charm. You saved me a ton of time! Thanks again!

aka ticklbee on WTM forums

Anonymous said...

you have a wonderful site!