Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Planning for Next Year, Status Check

  • Still to purchase: Singapore Math Intensive Practice 4A and 4B, Singapore Math Challenging Word Problems 4, and Latin for Children A Mastery bundle.
  • These put me very close to the $150 free shipping level from Rainbow Resources. I just need to pick another item or two to add to my list and place the order.

  • Copy the standardized test results to send in to the county.
  • Print and complete the Notice of Intent for the next school year
  • Create and print curriculum description to be submitted
  • Mail it all in to the county
  • Clean out school baskets and cabinet
  • Check general supplies and make a list of what is needed
  • Put new school books in baskets
  • Make a new MOTH schedule tentative schedule completed for school hours, will adjust as needed
  • Assemble my planner
For Jessie
  • math
  • grammar
  • spelling
  • critical thinking
  • Latin completed 5 weeks of lessons, will complete remainder after making sure the schedule will work for us
For Violet:
  • math
  • spelling
  • critical thinking
For Jessie
  • Classical Writing
  • literature
For Violet
  • grammar
  • literature completed 4 weeks of lessons, will complete remainder after making sure the schedule will work for us
For Benny
  • put together a reading list for the year
For all the kids
  • TruthQuest completed 5 weeks of lesson plans
  • science completed 3 1/2 weeks of lesson plans
  • geography

  • Create list of quotations for both girls for copywork/dictation exercises for at least part of the year
  • Create list of poems to memorize for the year
  • Create memory cards for poetry.
I'm not as ready as I'd like to be, but I have a little bit of time left. It's nice to see how much I have accomplished despite only working on things sporadically. My plan is to start up on Monday, August 4th with Bible, math, and memory work. That gives me a week and a half to finish pulling things together for most subjects. I'll have two and a half weeks for history and science planning, since I'll not be adding those until the third week. Geography may just have to wait until January because I don't have time to make lesson plans or time in the schedule to implement any plans.

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