Wednesday, August 21, 2013

WW: Another Cutie

DH and Benny found this adorable little lass wandering around our fil's backyard last Saturday evening. She was mewing pitifully and following anything that moved. Her mom never came back after being chased by one of the neighborhood dogs. DH's plan was originally for me to take her to the SPCA on Sunday but that was before she snuggled on his lap Sunday morning and the kids pleaded for her to stay.
She's been an adorable distraction during school hours spending time sleeping on the table out of the reach of the other animals and curled up on the laps of various kids.
After a few days of treating her like a toy, the other cats are getting better. Freckles likes to clean her chin after she's been drinking kitten formula, and Snowy's been cleaning her plate when she's finished her canned kitten food. Now we just have to get her trained to use the litter box.

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Mandy in TN said...

She is too cute! If I had let her into our home, there is no way ds would willingly let her leave. :)