Friday, August 30, 2013

Week 3 LG: The Nile, Canines, and China

Benny's 4th Grade
Math and Logic
Benny spent the week in Singapore math working through the first section of the IP book. He also completed the first of two review sections in his CWP text.

For logic, he described shapes in Building Thinking Skills 2, completed another Mind Benders puzzle in the A3 book, and played some more Rush Hour.

Language Arts

Benny reviewed subjects, predicates, and diagramming skeletons in grammar; completed the 33rd and started the 34th lesson in SWO D, and analyzed the fable "The Angler and the Fish for CW". He's been copying grammar definitions for cursive practice and working on sentences with proper nouns for dictation. In literature, he is continuing to enjoy Rabbit Hill by Lawson as his independent book and The Story of the Treasure Seekers by Nesbit for his read-aloud with me. For practice reading aloud, we used his CW fable and a page from a picture book.
Latin and Fine Arts
In Latin he began learning how to declining 1st declension nouns, ten new nouns, and basic characteristics of Latin nouns.

His art is in the previous post. For music, we read the first few pages of The Story of the Orchestra and listened to the first track of the accompaniying CD.
We covered chapter 2 of SOTW 1 this week on the Nile River, the unification of Egypt, and the Egyptian gods. We also read The Nile River by Fowler and completed the map and coloring page.

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For our hands on activity, Benny wasn't thrilled about the idea of constructing a minature Nile with dirt and grass in a pan, so we made a chocolate cake together instead. He drew the Nile, Rea Sea, and Mediterranean Sea in the icing. I piped on the blue icing with the large round hole type that I have, and he smoothed it out and added the animal figures. It was delicious!

Science this week covered wolves, foxes, jackals, dingoes, raccoon dogs, and African wild dogs. There weren't any associated activities this week.
Henry and I had a great week and read a ton of books. We finished My Father's Dragon and began Elmer and the Dragon by Gannett. For history, we read Croco'nile by Gerrard and Bill and Pete Go Down the Nile by de Paola. For science we read Dogs and Wolves by Gibbons. Our country for the week in geography was China. We read Count Your Way Through China by Haskins, Daisy Comes Home by Brett, Tikki Tikki Tembo by Mosel, The Magic Boat by Demi, The Story of Chopsticks by Compestine, The Story of Noodles by Compestine, and The Luminous Pearl by Torre.

Schoolwise, we reviewed some of last week's consonant pages, completed the maze section of Visual Perceptual Skill Building 1, matched shapes and decided which shape did not belong in Building Thinking Skills Primary, skip counted to 100 by 5's, played a number matching game, went for a walk to look for frogs (just for fun), and played a game of Trouble.

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