Saturday, August 24, 2013

Week 2 Upper: A Solid Week

Jessie's 9th Grade
Geometry this week consisted of finishing the lessons of the first chapter on logic.  Next week, she'll have some review exercises and her first test.
Jessie continued working on punctuation in R&S 9/10 and completed her first editing sheet.  Her first vocab quiz went well on Monday despite the fact that I cannot find the cards that I made, and we covered the second lesson.  In CW Herodotus, she worked with the myth of Apollo and Daphne by analyzing a confirmation and refutation of the myth as well as writing a slant narrative.  She finished reading and taking notes on Gilgamesh for her Great Books credit.  Next week, I'll have her add the literature component of her English credit as well.
In Latin Alive, she completed the final exercises of chapter 19 and took three days to work on a translation of the chapter reading.  On Friday, she had a Latin grammar quiz on the noun ending in all declensions and spent time studying the irregular noun vis, vis.  She continued working on chapter 1 of Spanish covering family names, numbers, classroom items, common classroom commands, the alphabet, and Spanish rules for syllabication.  She had her first chapter test Friday and scored a respectable B+.
In ancient history, she took notes on the second lecture of Foundations of Western Civilization, answer the second focus question of Western Civilization covering what makes a civilization, made a map of the Fertile Crescent, and read about the Haparrans and another king of China from History of the Ancient World.  We didn't manage to squeeze in our history discussion thanks to our newest distraction (see Wednesday's post), so we'll double up next week.
In biology, she completed her first chapter.  I allowed her to take the first test open book because it's more about worldview than biology, and my goal for the chapter was simply exposure not mastery.  For her lab, we reviewed the parts of a microscope, calculating the powers of magnifications, sketched prepared slides of desmids and diatoms, and discussed the problem of depth on high magnification by looking at a slide of with three different colors of thread that overlapped each other.

For fine arts, we decided to switch gears and do music appreciation instead. For week 1, she listened and took notes on the first 2 lectures of How to Listen to and Understand Great Music by Greenberg. She started and needs to complete a summary about music in the ancient world. No PE hours as yet this week.
Violet did well with multiplying and dividing integers, but then struggled at the end of the week putting everything together using order of operations. We'll spend another day on the lesson next week with a focus on how to show her work which I think will make things much simpler for her.
She began reading The Yearling by Rawlings this week, did very well on her second vocabulary quiz, and worked on subjunctive complements in grammar. In CW, she began her first set of analysis lesson and focused on the example and epilogue paragraphs.
In Greek, Violet reviewed all the verbs she learned last year, the present tense endings, and the present conjugation of the verb to be. She did very well on both her chapter 2 and chapter 3 quizzes in Latin Alive.
Violet read Dry Bones and Other Fossils by Parker as well as Prehistoric Art by Hodge this week for history and wrote brief paragraphs about each.

Violet covered chapter 2 on classification in BJU Life Science and practice using a field guide to identify the class of some insects that I printed out pictures of for her.

Art is in Thursday's post. For music, she covered the pages on the orchestra in Those Amazing Musical Instruments by Helsby and listened to the samples on the CD.

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