Friday, February 8, 2013

Week 22: Another Week Almost Done

Jessie's 8th Grade
  • Jessie worked on factoring this week in algebra. She factored out constants, common variables, and common elements in parenthesis in addition to more basic polynomial factoring. It's been slow, but she's done very well.
  • In R&S, she completed several lessons related to sentence style.  She continued reading Oliver Twist by Dickens and Children of the New Forest by Marryat for literature.
  • She successfully passed her 19th vocabulary quiz in Word Within the Word, Volume 1, but has not yet finished up all of her CW assignments for the week.
  • We took a break from Latin this week to catch up on vocab and conjugate some verbs in all of the various active and passive cases that she has now learned.  She did her Greek lessons on her own again.
Violet's 6th Grade
  • Violet began working with circles this week in Singapore 6B and learned to calculate the area and circumference as well as the values of pi.  I also finally remembered to start her CWP lessons back up, and she's been working on the speed section of CWP 6.
  • In grammar this week, Violet reviewed capitalization and punctuation and learned the three basic parts to a story.  Her spelling continues to go very well.  We worked with couplets and quatrains for poetry.
  • For literature, she began reading The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain and is truly enjoying the story.  We also used various paragraphs from the story for her dictation as well.
Benny's 3rd Grade
  • Benny finished up the last exercises in his 3A IP book this week, so he's ready to move on to the 3B books on Monday!!  He's been reviewing multiplication in Miquon purple.
  • Benny completed his grammar unit on verbs after learning about direct objects.  He worked with different spellings for the "f" sound in SWO D.  For writing, he continued cursive copywork with Psalm 1 and worked more on direct quotations for dictation.  In CW Aesop, he rewrote a story about Julius Caesar.
  • In literature, Benny is continuing to reading Pinocchio independently.  We started Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for a read aloud.

History topics for the week included the Klondike and Alaska Gold Rushes, Plains Indians, and Indians wars in the western US, and steamboats on the Mississippi.  The girls read Yukon Gold by Jones, The Apaches by Himler, Sitting Bull by Fleischer, The Story of Geronimo by Kent, and a portion of The Great Republic covering General Custer.  They wrote summaries about Geronimo and Sitting Bull and outlined the section on Custer.

Benny and I read portions of The Book of Indians by Holling, A Boy Called Slow by Bruchac, a portion of SOTW 4 on the Indian wars, Steamboat!i by Gilliland, and Mike Fink by Kellogg.  He only did a summary of the SOTW section.


Jessie still has plenty of science to keep her busy over the weekend.

Violet, Benny, and I read about liquids, gases, gas laws, and Robert Boyle this week before taking the unit 3 quiz.
We compared the bouncing ability of a room temperature ball to one that came out of the freezer.  (It took a couple of tries due to doggie interference.)
We measured the diameter of a balloon before and after it went in the freezer for 15 minutes and found almost an inch difference.
Then we heated up some water in a gallon milk jug in the microwave, capped the jug, and submerged it in cold water.  The kids all liked watching the jug compress.

See previous post.

We read snowman books this week.  Our two favorite were The Biggest Snowman Ever and Snow Family.  The plan is to make some snowman cookie cutouts over the weekend.  Henry decided to add the Ww magnets to our refrigerator and continues to enjoy our calendar activity as well.

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