Friday, November 30, 2012

Week 14: Coughing our way through

It has been a very long week and a half here.  DH was the first to get sick, but soon Henry and I came down with it.  Even Violet was running a fever by mid-week, although she finished most of her school work like a trooper.  I spent a lot of time in the afternoon snuggling with Henry, so getting work checked was a bit slow.  Jessie took advantage and procrastinated in the subjects that she didn't want to complete.  Benny zipped through and escaped the germs by going outside to whittle on a stick or play with the local stray cats.  At any rate, this is what we did accomplish.

Jessie's 8th Grade
  • Jessie finished up the section on the quadratic equation and scored Bs on her chapter test and cumulative review test.  On Friday, she began a new section involving graphing and equations with two variables.
  • In grammar, she's been reviewing verbs this week as well as organizing her note cards from before Thanksgiving into an outline form.  The latter took a lot more time than I expected, but she did a very thorough job.  She finished most of lesson 12 in vocabulary.  I'll have her review the words on Monday and quiz before moving on to lesson 13.  She let her writing fall by the wayside a bit and still owes me a CW paper, which I have her working on this afternoon.  She read 15 chapters in Austen's Pride and Prejudice and a portion of Dumas' The Count of Monte Cristo.  We weren't really able to discuss because by lunchtime Henry needed my attention, so we'll work on that next week.
  • In Latin, she did very well on her chapter 9 test. In chapter 10, she worked with the verbs volo, nolo, and malo; formed negative commands; and made comparisons of infinitives. In EG3, she completed lesson 13.
 Violet's 6th Grade
  • Violet began a new section in Singapore this week on speed.  She learned to calculate speed, distance, and time practicing with a few word problems in the workbook.
  • In R&S, she covered the verbs lay/lie, raise/rise, and sit/set in addition to learning to take notes from a reference source.  The latter took three attempts, but she finally succeeded.  I gave her the week off from dictation, and she only did the analysis portion of her CW.  In spelling, she completed lesson 14.  She began reading Tuck Everlasting for literature.
  • Fourth conjugation verbs were introduced in Latin.  In Greek, she practiced conjugating in the present tense and declining masculine nouns. 

  • Benny's 3rd Grade
    • Benny finished multiplying and dividing by six and began working with 7s this week in Singapore. His Miquon had some balance type puzzles, geometric puzzles where you tell how many of a certain shape are in the picture, and some worked on area and perimeter.
    • He struggled with another spelling lesson, so I've decided it's time to slow down our pace to one lesson per week reviewing lesson 3 again next week.  He did very well with demonstrative pronouns in grammar.  We did copywork but not dictation and did no editing to his CW narrations of "The Fox and the Crow".  He finished reading Henry's Sea Star and is working on The Family Under the Bridge.  For a read aloud, we began The Book of Three.


      Last week, the girls read about bleeding Kansas and John Brown's raid in The Great Republic completing an outline and summary.  This week they outlined another chapter on the 1860 election and summarized Abraham Lincoln by Colver.  Benny had both weeks off.


      Jessie has yet to work on her science assignments.

      Violet and Benny finished the first God's Design Chemistry book on atoms and molecules with a couple of fun experiments.

      We started with a bowl of milk with three drops of food coloring
      and then watched the food coloring spread out after we added a drop of soap into the middle.  We also drew marker lines on a paper towel and placed one side in water.  For some reason, the colors didn't separate as well as they should have.


      What art was accomplished is in the previous post.  Basically all of the extras were dropped this week.

      Poor Henry has been sick all week.  It's been mostly sleeping on the couch with Mom, watching television or videos, or just sitting and snuggling.  Still after a bit of medicine, the challenge of reaching the top of the stacked sofa cushions was quickly conquered.  Hopefully, he'll start to feel better soon.

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