Thursday, November 1, 2012

Creative Corner: Cats and Yummy Jack-o'-lanterns

Jessie and Violet continued to work on basic shading for art.  This week in honor of Halloween we did cat faces based on these directions.

 Violet and Benny both decided that her picture resembles one of the stray gray kittens they play with each day.
 Benny completed this close up cat face using crayons for the eyes and nose, a sharpie for the lines, and black watercolor to fill in everything else.  Henry told him his panther was scary.
Henry and I made these yummy jack-o'-lanterns.  He filled baby food jars with candy corn (while sampling the ones that fell out of the jar).  I cut out circles for the tops and squares for him to draw faces on.  Then we taped on the faces and used a rubber band to hold on the circles.

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