Sunday, November 11, 2012

Miss Bianca - Book 26 of 52 in 52

Miss Bianca by Sharp is the sequel to The Rescuers which I reviewed earlier in the year.  Miss Bianca, now chairwoman of the Prisoners' Aid Society, challenges the ladies guild to assist in a daring rescue of a young girl named Patience, who has been kidnapped and is being forced to serve the cruel, cold-hearted Duchess in the Diamond Palace.  When their bold plan fails, Miss Bianca alone remains behind to attempt to find an escape route for the young girl.  By the time Bernard arrives to offer his assistance, the Duchess has taken Patience (and Miss Bianca who is in her pocket) to her hunting lodge for a visit.  From there the two set off on a daring escape, but they must elude the Duchess' hounds and their master the Game Keeper in order to safely reach Happy Valley and hope that Bernard is able to find them in time to provide assistance.

This is another very well written children's fantasy by Sharp.  I would recommend it for ages 7 and up with the caveat that parents with very sensitive children may want to preread the story for suitability.

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