Wednesday, September 12, 2012

WW: Sandy creations

In trying to think of new ideas for Henry this week, I broke out some moon sand that we had gotten a while ago.  He had a great time making a dinosaur using the mold in the lid, and for a while it was really neat because he always put the molded figure straight back into the container.  (It's there in the bottom middle.)

Fast forward 20 minutes and there was sand on the table, the chair, his hands, clothes, feet, the carpet, and the kitchen floor.  Benny had joined him with the blue sand, and there was a mix of the two in each bowl and everywhere else.  Note to self, only one contained out at a time and don't leave the room.  Otherwise, he had a lot of fun and really it only took a few minutes of vacuuming to clean up the mess.

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Dorothy said...

Messy, but it looks to be a lot of fun!