Friday, September 21, 2012

Week 6: A Long Week

It has been a very long week here.  We finished most of our work, but I will probably spend some time over the weekend evaluating our schedule and Jessie's workload.

Jessie's 8th Grade
  • Algebra took forever this week.  All of the exercises entailed identifying which axiom, property, or definition was being illustrated in the problem.  On the bright side, after 2 hours she scored a 96% on her chapter test, and next week we can move onto something new (and hopefully less time consuming).
  • In vocabulary, we did our first cumulative review week ending with an oral quiz of all 250 roots learned thus far, and Jessie scored a 99% missing only two.  She also finished up her second grammar unit  after spending a few days working on paragraph unity and coherence.
  • We completed our discussion of the first half of Pilgrim's Progress and began the second half this week.  We also discussed Rob Roy and filled out one of the story charts from Teaching the Classics.  Jessie then completed a plot summary of the book with a brief ending paragraph of her opinion a la the logic stage WTM directions for literature.
  • CW has also been a struggle this week.  Jessie was supposed to have finished her first writing assignment on Tuesday; however, it would seem that she had completely forgotten how to write up the various progymnasmata paragraphs.  It is currently still bouncing back and forth between us for editing.
  • She completed her 4th chapter of Latin Alive working with 5th declension nouns, uses of the ablative, and a selection on Caesar Augustus.  In EG 3, she review prepositions and conjunctions.
  • She's switched back to the online geography site to continue working on the countries of Europe at a more challenging level.  In memory work, she began a new poem "Kind Words" by Longfellow.

Violet's 6th Grade
  • Violet spent the entire week completing the IP section on ratios as well as working on some review pages in her textbook this week. 
  • She did very well on her second grammar test on Monday, spent two days reviewing nouns, and two days on paragraphs and topic sentences.  She also completed her first review lesson in SWO H.
  • For literature, she finished reading Lassie Come Home by Knight on Friday, so we'll discuss it on Monday and she'll have a day or two to write about the book before moving on to the next selection.  She completed writing her second story written backwards in CW using a model of "Little Red Riding Hood".
  • Her Latin focus this week was 1-termination third declension adjectives.  In Greek, she learned about breathing marks and vowel diphthongs.
  • In geography, she did very well on the last US states level, so I will most likely move her on to a new topic next week.
Benny's 3rd Grade
  • Benny completed his IP section on addition and subtraction this week and began a new unit on multiplication in Singapore.  He is doing very well, but I can see that I need to start putting more emphasis on having his math facts memorized to increase his computation speed.  In Miquon, he worked with fractions.  Several of these pages we worked through together because he hadn't seen the topics previously.
  • Benny breezed through his spelling lesson covering "oo" words and moved on to the "igh" and "ough" words.  His grammar had a lesson on spelling which we skipped and then some review lessons before the end of the first unit.
  • He is nearly finished reading Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory independently.  As a read-aloud, we finished Understood Betsy this week and moved on to The Rescuers which so far is nothing like the Disney movie and much more interesting to Benny.  In CW, he completed a narration of "The Crow and the Pitcher".  We've been using his new poem "The Gift" by Rosetti for cursive copywork.
  • We didn't get to geography every day this week.  This is my fault for not looking at the written schedule and forgetting it a couple of days.  He did complete his booklet on Arizona this week.

The girls spent much of their week focused on the presidencies of the 6th-9th presidents.  They outlined a chapter from Marshall's This Country of Ours regarding John Q. Adams, summarized the information on Andrew Jackson's presidency in Guerber's The Great Republic, and also used the Guerber book to list the events of the presidencies of Martin Van Buren and William Henry Harrison.  They also read the TruthQuest commentary covering the changes in Britain, the impact of humanism, and the Irish potato famine.
Benny and I learned a little about John Q. Adams from The Great Republic, spent two days reading What Do You Mean? by Ferris about Noah Webster, and enjoyed Quackenbush's Who Let Muddy Boots Into the White House? from which he completed an oral narration of Andrew Jackson.
We were suppose to make candles this week all together, but by the time Jessie was finished each day, there was simply not enough time.


Jessie completed her third chapter in BJU's Physical Science text.  She did complete a lab on Monday where she calculated the volume of a fishing weight based on water displacement.  She also used our balance to measure its mass so that she could calculate it's density.  Unfortunately, I missed getting any pictures.

 Violet and Benny learned about metallic bonding on Monday and made beryllium atoms from marshmallows with the electrons being unattached to specific nuclei as a model.  On Tuesday, we discussed different methods for purifying metals as well as the benefits of alloys.
 After reading about Charles Martin Hall on Wednesday, we moved on to crystals.  Each received a geode to crack open.
 Benny especially enjoyed this activity.
We also dissolved table salt and Epsom salt in water, poured the solution on black construction paper, and are waiting for the water to evaporate so we can compare the resulting crystals.


We did manage art this week.  (See the Thursday post.)  Music fell by the wayside, so we'll double up next week.


It was tractor week for Henry and I.  We read The Rusty Trusty Tractor by Cowley, Tractor by Brown, Driving My Tractor by Dobbins, and Tractor Day by Ransom.  We spent the week reviewing our current letters and numbers without adding any new ones. 
Henry had a lot of fun making tractor tracks in some playdough
over and over again.
We also caught up on some of our activities like shaking up some whipping cream
to make more butter,
and then mixing the remaining cream with some almond milk, sugar, and vanilla

to make what everyone agreed was some delicious ice cream.

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