Friday, September 7, 2012

Week 4: Busy, busy, busy

It has been a long busy week with lots of extra projects like canning the 2 buckets of beans DH picked over the weekend and trying to prep some outgrown clothes, shoes, and toys for our local consignment sale.  We did manage to complete most of our school work with only a lab and a project for Henry to finish off tomorrow when we're not catching up on the housework.

Jessie's 8th Grade
  • Jessie completed her second chapter of Foerster's algebra this week scoring a 97% on her chapter test. Topics covered included commutative and associative properties as well as expressions and equations.
  • In literature, she completed reading Rob Roy and spent 2 days doing research on Sir Walter Scott as well as the historical time period in which the novel is set.  We also read a bit more Pilgrim's Progress but not quite as much as I had planned. 
  • In CW, she continued to work with verbs.  On the right, she practiced writing a portion of a chreia in several different verb tenses and moods.  Grammar was mostly a review of clauses and sentences with a quick lesson on topic sentences in paragraphs thrown in for good measure.  She continues to ace her vocabulary quizzes scoring another 100 on the 4th chapter of Word Within the Word Volume 1.
  • She completed most of chapter 3 this week in Latin Alive covering uses for the genitive and dative cases as well as the story of Anthony and Cleopatra for her reading/translating.  She struggled a little bit in identifying which dative construction was being used, so I think we'll review those one last time on Monday before her quiz.  In Elementary Greek 3, she reviewed the present and imperfect tenses, deponent verbs, and the present and perfect of the verb to be.

Violet's 6th Grade
  • Violet continued to work with ratios in Singapore.
  • In literature, she finished reading From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, wrote a summary of the plot, and began reading Lassie Come Home by Knight.
  • In CW, we completed our final lesson of writing a story by beginning in the middle using "The Trial of the Bow" as our model.  We analyzed the model to discuss how the author developed his scenes, manipulated some verbal phrases, did a sentence shuffle, and paraphrased a portion.  We are also continuing with dictation using a passage from her literature reading each day.
  • Grammar was more clauses, topic sentences, and sentence word order.  She passed another spelling lesson with a 90% on Friday.
  • In LfC C, she learned how to decline 2 termination adjectives and memorized several of the adjectives for her vocabulary.  She is steadily working through The Greek Alphabet Code Cracker and begin learning the last set of Greek letters this week.
  • She did complete her geography this week moving up to the level 6 states game.
Benny's 3rd Grade
  • Benny reviewed subtraction with borrowing with Singapore math. In Miquon, he struggled with Miquon pages this week which were trying to illustrated the distributive property of multiplication. He had a much easier time with Friday's lesson on fractions. In CWP, he is nearly finished with the review problems at the end of book 2.
  • For reading this week, Benny continued reading independently from Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with narrations as well as working on reading aloud from the second grade McGuffey's Reader.  For our read aloud, we began Understood Betsy.
  • He completed a narration of "The Fox and the Grapes" on Monday, to which we made a few editing changes over the course of the week.  His copywork has mostly been whatever random sentence happened to pop into my mind.  This week it's been mostly Harry Potter related because he is listening to the 4th book on CD.
  • He worked through his first review lesson of the year in spelling.  His grammar lessons finished with sentence types and moved on to direct and indirect quotations as well as proper capitalization and punctuation of direct quotations.
  • I had to put his geography lapbook on hold until next week because I had too many other projects on my plate for the week.

The girls made a timeline of the Santa Fe trail using The Story of the Santa Fe Trail by Adler and mapped the trail.  They wrote summaries The Story of the Erie Canal by Stein and drew a map of the canal route.  In SOTW, the outlined the chapter concerning Simon Bolivar and completed the associated mapwork.  They also read Trappers and Traders of the Far West by Daugherty concerning the mountain men and the later fur trade.  I did not require any writing for this topic.
Benny and I spent two days enjoying Jim Bridger  by Luce about the life of this famous mountain man.  We also enjoyed Kit Carson by Gleiter and finished reading Pioneer Sampler by Greenwood.  I was hoping to read The Amazing Impossible Erie Canal by Harness with him, but our library copy was checked out so we had to settle for the Spier's The Erie Canal which really is just the words of the song with pictures, but at least we could discuss the pictures.  He narrated about Bridger and Carson but didn't have any map work this week.


Jessie completed her second chapter in BJU Physical Science and managed a 90% on her test.  Because she ran late completing her work several times this week, we still have the lab left to complete tomorrow.

Violet and Benny learned about the properties of metals and used his snap circuits kits to demonstrate their ability to conduct electricity.
After reading about halogens, we stuck half an egg down into some fluoride toothpaste and put it in the fridge for three days.  Tonight, we'll wipe off the toothpaste and let it sit overnight in the fridge soaking in some vinegar.  After learning about hydrogen, we scoured our kitchen for products with hydrogenated oil and I'm happy to say on found one item, DH's peanut butter.  (He insists on the Peter Pan kind.)
Finally, we read about carbon and then generated a small amount of our own to look at and feel by holding a small plate over a candle flame.


As usual our art lessons are below in Thursday's post.  For music this week, we finished with the Renaissance time period and entered the beginnings of the Baroque period adding Monteverdi to our timeline and the definitions of opera and concerto to our terms booklets.


Henry and I learned about vegetables and gardening this week. His favorite book of the week was How Groundhog's Garden Grew by Cherry.  We learned about different groups of vegetables (root vegetables, leafy vegetables, etc) reading The Vegetables We Eat by Gibbons and enjoyed seeing the wily rabbit put that knowledge to use outwitting his lazy neighboring bear in Tops and Bottoms by Stevens.  For our nursery rhyme/song, we sang Three Blind Mice by Ivemey.  Benny also added the letters Ii and the number 7 to his repertoire this week.  I still plan to plant some carrot seeds in a quart jar with him, but I have to buy some new seeds tomorrow since our last pack was used up.

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