Sunday, August 12, 2012

Schedule for 2012-2013

I had several goals going into this year's schedule.  For everyone, I wanted to get their core work (language arts, math, and Latin) in before lunch as much as possible.  I accomplished this for Jessie and Benny.  I could have fit in all of Violet's, but I opted to schedule science with Benny before lunch so his afternoon was not long to meet my second goal.  For Benny, I wanted to boost his work load while still making sure that he had time to go outside and be the DH on his days off.  He'll have 2 breaks in the morning: one with Henry and one alone which he can either spend with DH or complete his free reading to allow more time for afternoon activities.  For Henry, I just needed to add some more structure.  He's gotten in way too much trouble during our relaxed, unstructured summer time.  Finally, I wanted to make sure we had time for some fun in school as well.  The less structured 2:30 block will give us time to do some history activities together once a week.  On weeks with only one lab or I can't come up with a history activity, we can finish early and go to the park or play games or whatever everyone is in the mood to do.

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