Monday, August 27, 2012

Middle School Mondays - New Lesson Plans

I thought that I would try adding a bit more structure to my posts this year to help me be more consistent in my posting.  Each Monday (as best I can) I going to post on a topic, curriculum, or idea related to the logic / middle school stage.  Tuesdays I'll tackle younger ages.  Wednesday are for fun pictures and Thursday's for art.  Fridays will stay weekly reports. 

To start off, I've added the lesson plans that I've created for Jessie's curriculum for download.  Hopefully, these will save someone a bit of planning time or help you see how we use these curriculum.  If any of these links don't work, please leave a comment, and I will correct them.

New Lesson Plans:

BJU Physical Science Lesson Plans - These plans assume two periods of science a day.  The first is done independently and the second with the instructor.

Foerster's Algebra Lesson Plans

Latin Alive 2 Lesson Plans

Rod and Staff English 8 Lesson Plans

Word Within the Word Volume 1 Lesson Plans

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