Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Art Lessons for the girls

Violet got art done every week last year, partly because she enjoys it and partly because I had printed out lesson ideas ahead of time to assign or allow her choice of a project.  Her only request for the year was to have some Harry Potter themed projects.  Jessie did a few art lessons, but really didn't enjoy the projects from Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.  She told me up front that she would do the projects only because I was assigning them (which I took as a challenge).  This year, I'd really like for her to find a way for her to enjoy art (and I did get the faintest glimmer of interest on showing her some of my project ideas).  I've pulled ideas from the internet and Brooke's Drawing for Older Children & Teens.  Here's a quick lesson overview for the year:

Unit 1 - Elements of Shape, Two Dimensional Drawing, and Review of Color Basics

Week 1 - Block out name and fill in letter with various patterns and colors
Week 2 - Optical Hand Drawing - similar to this
Week 3 - Geometric to Organic
Week 4 - Draw a dragon
Week 5 - Color Wheel
Week 6 - Abstract Flower Drawing
Week 7 - Hogwart's Crest based on this online image
Week 8 - Watercolor Flowers

Unit 2 - Shading and Adding Depth to drawings

Week 9 - Layered Pipes
Week 10 - Eye Drawing
Week 11 - Cat Head Shading
Week 12 - Fruit Shading based on pages 185-187 in book
Week 13 - Swan
Week 14 - Jars Project from book page 130
Week 15 - Candle project from book pages 106-107
Week 16 - Make Ginger bread house using Christmas kits from Michaels

Unit 3 - Positive/Negative Space, Volume drawing

Week 17 - Positive and Negative Space from book pages 122-126
Week 18 - Winter Birch Trees
Week 19 - Animal volume drawing using illustrations from Ten in the Den
Week 20 - Owl sketch based on this image
Week 21 and 22 - Owl drawing based on this photo
Week 23 - Unicorn drawing based on one of our puzzles (alternative of hippogryph in Harry Potter 3)
Week 24 - Teddy Bear drawn from a stuffed animal
Week 25 - Georgia O'Keefe style flower using library book
Week 26 - Still Life using items around the house

Unit 4 - Drawing People

Week 27 - Person drawing using 1-2-3 Draw People by Levin
Week 28 - Person drawing from photo (Brookes 164-177)
Week 29 - Portrait drawing with attention to face (Brookes 164-177)

Unit 5 - Perspective

Week 30 - Perspective worksheets
Week 31 - Perspective worksheets
Week 32 - Drawing of house or dollhouse indoor (Brookes 140-141)
Week 33 - Drawing of house outdoor (Hagrid's hut or the Burrow as alternative) (Brookes 141-143)
Week 34 - Landscape drawing in watercolor of lighthouse (directions in Drawing With Children 167-169)
Week 35 and 36 - Landscape drawing of castle with a book option for Jessie or a photo of Hogwarts like this or this per Violet's request

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