Thursday, July 12, 2012

Goals for the Next Year Part 3 - 3rd Grade

Goals for Benny's 3rd Grade

Memorize addition/subtraction factsDaily math drill with a combination of Flashmaster, flashcards, and other methods.
Improve basic computation skillsComplete Singapore level 3 and CWP series
Work on multiplication and division factsComplete Singapore level 3 and supplement with math drill
Learn basic bar diagrams for solving word problems.Complete Singapore level 3 CWP

Language Arts - Reading/Literature
Improve reading and comprehension skillsContinue read alouds, sometimes with narration.  Daily assigned reading aloud or independent reading with oral narration.  Scheduled 30 minutes of free reading.
Improve confidence and increase reading enjoyment.Schedule 30 minutes of free reading with variety of books for boys.

Language Arts - Writing
Master cursiveDaily copywork exercises
Eliminate extra capital letters in printingCorrect across curriculum as occurs.  Work on dictation exercises.
Begin working on written narration skills.CW Aesop and dictation.
Increase complexity of copywork and dictation.Copywork and dictation exercises and CW Aesop.

Language Arts - Grammar & Spelling
Learn and memorize definitions for 8 parts of speechComplete R&S 3 and add grammar cards to memory box.
Practice identifying basic parts of speech and learn basic sentence diagramming skillsComplete Rod & Staff 3 and grammar exercises in Aesop.
Continue to improve on spelling skillsComplete SWO C and D

Cover American historical events through modern timesRead resources recommended in TruthQuest AHYS 2 and 3.

Exposure to the basics of chemistry and ecologyComplete God's Design for Chemistry and Ecology series.
Increase enjoyment of science.Complete as many hands on activities as possible. 

Continue working on critical thinking and reasoning skills.Complete Building Thinking Skills 1 and DooRiddles books.  Introduce sudoku puzzles and play logic games.

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