Monday, October 10, 2011

The Wheel on the School - Book 19, 52 in 52

The Wheel on the School by DeJong is a wonderful tale based on the dream of one young Dutch girl to have storks nest on the roofs of her town.  Spurred on by their teacher, the whole school joins in on the project to find a wagon wheel for the school roof.  Soon, the whole town pulls together and takes part of the project.

Both of my girls loved this book when they were younger, so I was curious to see how my 7 year old son would react.  The book does get off to a slow start, but it has hilarious moments and some action packed scenes as well.  By midway, he was excited enough to start asking for extra chapters (and the girls were listening in as well).  I would certainly recommend this one as a great family read aloud.

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