Friday, October 28, 2011

Week 9: Fumbling Along

After a full week of fishing and fun at the Outer Banks last week, it was a little hard to get going again this week.  Everyone got the week off from history, and Benny got the week off from science.  Hopefully, I'll be a little better prepared next week...

Jessie's 7th grade
  • wrapped up the chapter on word problems and began working on integers in NEM
  • worked with noun clauses and substantives in R&S
  • parsed nouns, did more work with noun clauses, and 4 six sentence shuffles in CW
  • completed lesson 5 in CE2 and began lesson 6
  • continued reading The Nine Tailors by Sayers and began On the Incarnation of Our Lord by Athanasius for Omnibus
  • covered 3rd declension nouns in LA1 and the genitive case in EG2
  • discussed the Salem witch trials and appeals to fear for logic

In science, she completed chapter 7 on genetics, had fun making her spudoodle and figuring out his genotype, struggle with the chapter test, and began learning about mutations in chapter 8.

She got the week off from art but did begin learning about percussion instruments for music.

Violet's 5th grade
  • finished the last of her IP work and began working on fractions in Singapore 5A
  • completed the unit on nouns and began reviewing verbs in R&S
  • received a 100% on her spelling test
  • did random dictation selections and rewrote "The Tale of Peter Rabbit" for CW
  • continued reading Around the World in 80 Days by Verne
  • learned first person pronouns in LfC B
  • finished MindBenders B1 and began B2

She completed the science unit on waves and sound with a lesson on musical instruments and enjoyed making music with some glass jars with different amounts of water.
She began the final unit on light and looked at the shadow of a book noticing the lighter and darker shadows.  Our prism has gone missing, so for the lesson on color she made a color wheel for one of our spinning tops.  When the top was spinning, it looked like there was a white line around the stem of the top.

For art, she drew some pumpkins, but hasn't quite finished coloring them in yet.  She did complete the music lesson with Jessie.

Benny's 2nd grade

  • completed the unit on measurement in Singapore 2A and continued working on multiplication charts in Miquon
  • passed another spelling test with flying colors and did random copywork
  • continued listening Five Children and It by Nesbit and reading A Lion to Guard Us by Bulla aloud
  • began learning the location of the states of Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio
  • drew several ocean animals using our 1-2-3 Draw Ocean Animals by Levin
Henry's Preschool

Honestly, this week we just read whatever he wanted each morning and still had a great time.

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LaughingLioness said...

We went to the Outer Banks for our honeymoon! Love it there ; ). The potato is great- fun idea!!