Monday, October 10, 2011

Confessions - Book 20, 52 in 52

Confessions by Augustine has long been listed as one of the great books of civilization.  It is the amazingly honest spiritual autobiography of Saint Augustine, bishop of Hippo.  It recounts the mistakes of his youth, his misplaced desires, and struggles of faith, while at the same time continually giving glory to God.

I have to say, I was quite surprised, but I truly did enjoy reading this book overall.  Augustine can be a bit verbose and overly philosophical at time (IMHO), but his message is timeless and well worth the effort to read.  Given that the term confession today generally means laying out all of the sordid details, I was completely surprised at the tone of the book and how uplifting it was.  When Augustine confesses a sin, he explains what he desired, how he tried to find it, and where he should have turned (to God) instead to be truly satisfied.  I wish I had read it at a younger age and learned from Augustine's mistakes instead of making a few of my own, but I was very glad I decided to go ahead and discuss it with my 12 year old.

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