Friday, April 22, 2011

Week 33: An Off Week

It has been a very long week.  Days just do not go very smoothly when I am sick and cannot focus well.  Sadly, I gave my cold to Henry and spent much of the end of the week snuggling with him.  We did manage to get at least most of the basics done.


 Jessie finished up the textbook unit on geometry this week, spent a couple of days on review, and then completed the corresponding section in the IP book.  A few of the diagrams in the latter were quite challenging with two to three overlapping parallelograms, triangles, rhombuses, squares, etc.  A few of these we worked through together by tracing one figure at a time and working on its angles before moving to the next overlapping figure.

Violet finished up the textbook section on operations with decimals, completed a bit of review,  and moved on to the corresponding section in the IP book.  She has a good grasp of the concepts but is still plagued with lots of careless errors.

Benny began a new section in his textbook and workbook on numbers to 100 for Singapore.  It started with a review of tens and ones and some matching of numbers to words, so its been a very easy week for him.  He also continued to work on fractions in his Miquon text.


Jessie read Kidnapped by Stevenson by her literature this week (although I have no idea if she liked it or not since we haven't had a chance to talk about it).  She completed her ninth unit in R&S grammar on adverbs, and did very well with the adverb clauses since we had already covered them to some extent in CW Homer.  The picture to the right shows the paragraph she wrote about the hymn "It is Well With My Soul" for CW poetry.  She continues to do very well with her vocabulary in Caesar's English 1.  Our pace of 3 days for odd lessons and 4 days for even lesson seems to be working well.

 Violet has been reading Pippi in the South Seas by Lindgren for literature.  She's still doing cursive copywork out of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and dictation out of Prince Caspian,but got the week off from CW since I hadn't written any plans.  She completed a review lesson for spelling and her tenth unit in R&S 4, which prompted her and Jessie to compare how many grammar lessons each one had left in the book for the year.

Benny completed 4 days of  copywork and of phonics work in Phonics Pathways and ETC 4.  (I gave him most of the day off for his birthday.)  For reader this week, he read The Dragon Snatcher by Robertson and Barkley by Hoff.  We didn't do any read alouds due to my sore throat and all the time he spent fishing with DH.

Jessie did complete lesson 25 of EG1 and lesson 28 of LfC C.  Violet completed lesson 29 of LfC A.  We're almost to the final few review lessons!  YEAH!! 


This weeks topics included Queen Elizabeth I, John Knox, and Mary Queen of Scots.
Jessie completed all of her reading just using the Guerber/Miller spine.  I had intended for her to read an additional book on Elizabeth I, but apparently I didn't place it on hold.
Violet and Benny learned about Elizabeth I using SOTW 2, John Knox using Courage and Conviction, and Mary Queen of Scots using Miller's The Story of the Renaissance and Reformation.  We managed a map and a small coloring page, but no other extra activities this week.


We took the week off.

Before getting sick, Henry was his usual bundle of mischief and energy.
He managed to hold of Benny's harmonica and learn how to play notes on it,
and pretended to be a turtle with my laundry basket.
If you're wondering why our dog is staring at the door knob of a closed door,

it's because Henry was on the other side playing keep away with Jack's tennis ball.

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