Friday, April 15, 2011

Week 32: A Busy Week


Jessie spent the the first four days of the week working on review exercises in the text.  These went extremely well and were completed with no trouble whatsoever.  Yeah!!  Friday she started a new section on angles which she did all on her own, and it went very well.

Violet finished up dividing with decimals, had a little trouble with estimating and dividing since she couldn't just round the numbers, spent some time on word problems involving decimals, and completed some review exercises as well this week.
Benny ended the time unit in the textbook and workbook and completed the corresponding section in the IP book.  He's having a lot of fun with the fraction pages in the Miquon book.  Who wouldn't want to draw on snowmen and call it math. ;)


Jessie worked on subordinate clauses this week for R&S, completed more vocabulary in CE1, and finished reading The Prince and the Pauper by Twain.  She also completed another week of poetry in CW.

Violet worked on prepositional phrases for grammar, completed another spelling lesson, rewrote the fable "The Angler and the Fish", and read Pippi Longstocking by Lindgren for literature.

Benny did his regular Phonics Pathways, ETC, and copywork.  His readers for the week were The Egg and The Great Dragon Rescue by Robertson as well as Grizzwold by Hoff.  For literature we are working on the next Boxcar children book called The Schoolhouse Mystery.


Jessie completed lesson 27 in LfC and lesson 25 in EG1, while Violet completed lesson 28.


This week we covered 4 TruthQuest topics.
 Jessie read about Jacques Cartier in Jacques Cartier and the Exploration of Canada by Harmon and outlined sections of The Story of the Renaissance and Reformation by Guerber concerning Ignatius Loyola and the Council of Trent.
 She also read several other chapters covering the Counter-Reformation in Germany and France for her longer essay.
 Violet and Benny covered Cartier and the Counter Reformation using SOTW and completed narrations and mapwork.
We also read about Jeanne d'Albret, mother of Henry of Navarre, in Courage and Conviction and touched briefly on the artist Tintoretto by reading The Paint Box Kid by Trottier.


Jessie finished up the Atoms & Molecules book this week and did very well on her final test.  We did two of the four labs in the final lesson for fun.
Add 3 drops of food coloring to a bowl of milk and observe how the dye stays in one place.
Put a drop of dish soap in the middle to break down the fats, and watch the color spread.
We also did some introductrory chromatography using washable markers on a folded paper towel
and observed the color spread after an hour.

For earth science, we read the lesson on caves but haven't completed the lab yet since someone forgot to check and make sure that we had a sufficient supply of Epsom salt.  (Yup, that would be me.  Oops.)  Next week we just need to complete the lab, the final quiz, and final exam and assemble Benny's lapbook to be finished.


Henry's week went the same as always.
There were times full of noise when concentration was difficult for the rest of us,
times of quiet,
and lots of activity.  Violet brought up our old sit and spin.  He had a blast with it all week.


Karen said...

Great science visuals! I'm sure the kids will remember those lessons :)

Laurie said...

My 4th grade DD read "The Children of Noisy Village" (also Lindgren) this week. Such a good author!

MissMOE said...

Looks like a full week.