Friday, April 1, 2011

A Hymn by Jessie

Jesus' Birth

To Bethlehem they came
So very long ago.
They sheltered in a stable while
Outside it did then snow.

Mary and Joseph two;
Then Jesus: he made three.
They laid him in a manger bed
As it was meant to be.

Upon a hillside near
Were shepherds and their sheep,
When angels before them appeared
And sang with joy so deep:

"Your Savior, he is born,
And lies on manger bed."
"There is now peace upon the earth,"
The great Gabriel said.

The shepherds went and saw
What the angels had said.
They bowed and worshiped Jesus on
His lowly manger bed.

Far away a star grew
To brightest of them all.
The wise men knew the King of Kings'
Message within its call:

"Come here, ye wise men three!
To me your gifts now give.
And worship me with holy praise
As long as you do live."

The camel-riding three
Followed the brightest star
Over many a rocky road
To Bethlehem afar.

They came to Jesus' bed
To him their gifts they gave:
Bright Gold, Frankincense, and sweet Myrrh
That is used in the grave.

All there then worshiped him,
The star shone up above,
And all around it angels sang
Of God's unfailing love.

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